What Are the Benefits Of A Franchising Business

Starting and managing a business has never been this easy, thanks to franchising.

The franchising industry has opened doors for success to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to open their own businesses. Although owning a franchise does not guarantee absolute success there are however a number of advantages to owning a franchise instead of building a business from scratch.

It is important for all entrepreneurs who are contemplating starting their own business to know the benefits of a franchising business.

  1. You Get Product Recognition

If you choose a franchise all the possible marketing tactics have already been done for you. All the products and/or services that the business has to offer to consumers may have already been marketed locally, nationally and even internationally, which means you do not have to work as hard to make your brand known. Your franchisors have already covered that. When you get into a franchising business you are actually buying your rights to sell their product or service with which a lot of people may have already heard of.

  1. You Get Tons Of Help In The Marketing Department

Every business needs customers for it to survive. The question is how can you get customers? Acquiring customers takes a great deal of time, effort and consideration and it involves employing smart, unique and attention-grabbing marketing strategies. If you are a franchisee you can definitely benefit from your franchisor’s already established and time-tested marketing programs. With marketing and advertising campaigns done for you by your parent company, all you need to do is to focus on implementing them into your local area. Your full concentration will be focused on operations instead of thinking of ways to market your business.

  1. You Get A Local Marketing Area Or Territory

Your franchisor will always make sure that you will get a pre-determined territory or local marketing area because it is also part of their vision to help you succeed in the area where you will be opening your business. Ensuring that you establish your business in a region where you do not have to compete with another franchise of the same company helps you make more money for your business.

  1. Guaranteed Support

Franchisees are always guaranteed support in many aspects of the business including a help centre for questions regarding business management, help in finding marketing materials and supplies and also training. This guarantee will help lift a burden off of your shoulders.

  1. You Get Access To Affordable Supplies

Anyone who starts their own business would spend a huge amount of time canvassing suppliers to find out which among them offers the best deals. When you choose to buy a franchise, your franchisor will give you access to their suppliers with prices that work in your favor so you can maximize your business’ profit.

Have you thought about opening a franchise lately? If you have, what kind of industry are you considering? We have a franchise offer for you that we would love you to think carefully about.

HydroKleen is a great business opportunity if you are considering opening a franchise. HydroKleen is an air conditioning cleaning company based in Australia. Our franchisees are growing by the minute and are sprouting like mushrooms all over the globe.

Over the last 18 months HydroKleen has seen massive growth into over 12 countries and is still growing strong, making us world leaders in air conditioning cleaning and sanitising. The HydroKleen System is proving to be sought after by the air conditioning industry not only in Australia but also throughout the world.

If you would like to know more about the HydroKleen System please call our support office on (07) 55977749 or visit our website www.hydrokleen.com.au.

How Often Should You Have Your Airconditioners Cleaned and Sanitised?

When Is The Best Time To Have Your Airconditoner Cleaned and Sanitised?

How do you keep yourself comfortable when the humidity climbs up especially during the summer? We doubt you could stand the heat and we highly doubt that you could spend even just a minute or two manually fanning yourself without numbing your hands. The obvious answer is air conditioning. The moment technology took over everyone has had the privilege to conveniently enjoy cool air through air conditioners.

Today, everywhere you go you’ll find air conditioners which only proves that humans have become dependent on air conditioners to make their lives more comfortable especially during the stifling heat of summer.

Why Do You Need To Clean and Sanitise Your Air Conditioner?

Like every piece of equipment in your home, your ACs also need some TLC. Why is there a need to service your air conditioner?

  1. Having your AC serviced ensures that it functions properly and efficiently.
  2. Having your AC serviced improves its efficiency. Studies show that if you fail to service your air conditioner it will lose efficiency.
  3. Having your AC regularly serviced allows you to address any minor problems because if you fail to deal with these minor problems it could grow bigger making it harder and not to mention more expensive to repair.

If you haven’t serviced your air conditioner in a while, don’t worry! Research says that if you just regularly clean and sanitise your air conditioner it’s not too late and 95% of its efficiency will be restored! This brings us to question….

When Is The Best Time To Have Your Airconditoner Cleaned and Sanitised?

Experts in air conditioning advises that even if there is nothing wrong with your air conditioning unit you still need to have it serviced at least once every 12 months to make sure that your air conditioner is working at its peak efficiency during the season when you need it the most.

Overtime, air conditioners harbor dust and dirt especially in critical areas such as the coil and air filters. If you don’t do something about it, it can adversely affect your air conditioner’s efficiency in providing your home with cool air.

At HydroKleen we specialise in cleaning and servicing air conditioners to remove organisms such as bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew that can make you and your family sick.  Our comprehensive air conditioner clean and santise will make sure that the air you breathe is fresh and clean to reduce the probability of sickness caused by organisms trapped in your ACs.

Asthmatic? HydroKleen Can Help Stop Asthma Triggers

Mould in your air conditioning unit can trigger an asthma attack.

Do you know what it’s like to have asthma? For asthmatics, whenever an asthma attack takes place they feel like they are literally about to die because no matter how many lungsful of air they breathe in they still couldn’t get enough oxygen into their lungs to make them feel okay. Normally people breathe effortlessly making them unaware of their breathing pattern but for asthmatics it’s different. People with asthma are consciously aware of their breathing.

What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic and incurable lung condition where the airways are narrowed and inflamed. Individuals who suffer from asthma often experience shortness of breath, coughing, chest tightness and wheezing. Usually the coughing takes place at night or early morning. Asthma can affect anyone both young and old but most of the time it manifests during childhood.

What Can Trigger An Asthma Attack?

There are several substances that can trigger an asthma attack. Examples are the following:

  • Pet dander
  • Cockroach
  • Molds

If you are asthmatic it is best that you avoid at all cost or if not at least limit your contact with any of these allergens to stop an attack from commencing. Getting rid of pet dander is easy, keep your pets outside your house or ask somebody else to take care of them if you are asthmatic. Your best option is to not have fury pets at all. For cockroaches, all you need to do is to make sure that your house is clean and spray pesticides every once in a while to keep cockroaches at bay. As for mold, you need to have your air conditioning units cleaned and serviced regularly since ACs are known to harbor moulds.

How Can HydroKleen Stop An Asthma Trigger?

HydroKleen specialises in cleaning and sanitising all kinds of air conditioning units such as split systems, ceiling cassette units, ducted units and window units. After our HydroKleen technician service your air conditioners you can be sure that you are breathing in fresh and healthy air reducing your chances of getting an asthma attack since we make sure that all dust particles and mould are completely removed from your AC unit.

Let HydroKleen be your partner in health especially if you are asthmatic. We pride ourselves to be exclusively approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program for cleaning and sanitising air conditioner units. As of the 1st of January 2016 HydroKleen Australia is proud to announce that we have now gained exclusivity as a part of this program.  This was no easy feat, as we had to clearly demonstrate all of the processes and cleaning agents that we use in order to get the tick from the product advisory panel. You can check out our website and their website for more information.

Why Choose HydroKleen As Your Preferred Franchise?

Why look elsewhere when HydroKleen could give you your next big break?

Not a lot of people are born with a knack to efficiently run a successful business. It takes a great deal of talent, wisdom, patience and expertise to make a business work let alone grow it. If you can’t spearhead a business on your own there is hope and that’s where franchisors come into the picture.

A franchise business offers a tested system that will enable you to launch, run and grow your business. Ideally franchisors come up with comprehensive manuals and training guides for their franchisees that cover a wide gamut of areas such as accounting, marketing, technology, operations and many more. All these are designed to allow franchisees to earn as much as they can while spending lesser time, effort and energy needed if they opened a business by themselves.

HydroKleen is a great business opportunity if you are considering opening a franchise. HydroKleen is an air conditioning cleaning company based in Australia. Our franchisees are growing by the minute and are sprouting like mushrooms all over the globe. We started franchising in July 2010 and since then we’ve introduced HydroKleen to over 13 countries and branded itself into over 40 countries all throughout the world in just a short span of time.

Here are a couple more reasons why you should choose HydroKleen as your franchise of choice.

  • HydroKleen is the only company in the air conditioning cleaning industry to manufacture and assemble specifically designed equipment that can thoroughly clean and sanitise ductless air conditioners. The manufacturing and assembling of such equipment takes place in HydroKleen’s factory on the Gold Coast.
  • HydroKleen is also the ONLY air conditioning cleaning company that has been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program to clean ductless air conditioners.

If those aren’t reasons enough, here’s more. We take very good care of our franchisees and treat them as family. If you’re wondering if you are qualified, read on.

  • To become a HydroKleen franchisee you do not need to be qualified air conditioning technicians or electrical contactors.
  • All of our new franchisees will get a minimum of 2 weeks training and will then have full use of the ongoing support for the term of their franchise document.

So what are you waiting for? All the hard work has been done for you and all you need to do is to read the manuals, undergo training and start running a potentially promising business!

If you would like to know more about the HydroKleen System please call our support office on (07) 55977749 or visit our website www.hydrokleen.com.au.

Are You Covered By Your Air Conditioner Warranty?


With the assurance that your new air conditioner is covered by warranty the big question is ……… will it really cover you when you need it?
Here are the most common air conditioner brands and the key extracts from their warranty cards.  You will note that they all have in common the obligation on you as the consumer to have your air conditioner cleaned from all contaminants otherwise in the event of product failure your warranty is not worth the paper it is written on.

Fujitsu General
5 Year Warranty
Warranty does not cover :
Faults or standard performance caused by vermin, blocked filters … negligence ….. foreign matters entering air conditioner (eg leaf matter, dirt and moisture) or any other outside agency
Owner’s Responsibility
a) Operation and maintenance of the air conditioner in accordance with the operating instructions
b) Regular cleaning of the air filter(s) and replacement where necessary
c) Ensuring that the air inlet and outlet on the outdoor unit is kept clear of any obstructions (eg dirt, leaves, plants)
d) Ensuring that the condensate drain is kept clear and clean

Mitsubishi Electric
5 Year Warranty
Warranty does not cover :
Foreign matter entering product (eg dirt and moisture)
Warranty will not apply if :
e) The product case is opened by a person other than an Authorised Retailer or Authorised Repaired
f) The product is damaged by a failure to check and clear obstruction in both indoor and outdoor sections of the product, including air filters, vents, coils, drain pipes and ensuring condensation drain is clean.
Owners Responsibility
Obstructions : The Warranty problems caused by dirty filters, air flow obstructions in the indoor or outdoor section of the product, leaves, dust, or foreign objects blocking vents and coils. These are important points to be kept under observation and should be checked regularly. Blocked drainage pipes can cause condensate water to leak out of the product instead of draining from it. Check in humid weather. Regular checks for and clearance of obstructions are at the owner’s responsibility.

Panasonic Australia
5 Year Warranty
4. Warranty excludes damage, malfunction or failure resulting from :
g) improper maintenance by customer (refer to maintenance section of Operating Instructions);
h) where no actual fault of the product is determined to have occurred, during customer initiated service call, and where the perceived problem is explained within the Operating Instructions (including the Troubleshooting section), warranty service is not applicable.

Carrier and Toshiba
5 Year Warranty
Exclusions This Warranty does not cover
a) Damage, problems or failure resulting from improper operation and/or inadequate maintenance by the Purchaser (refer to Purchaser’s Responsibilities section below)
f) damage, problems or failure caused by …… negligence ….. vermin, insects, spiders or entry of foreign objects or matter into the Product such as dirt, debris, soot or moisture
n) any damage caused by dirty air filters, air flow obstructions or foreign objects blocking vents and coils
Purchaser’s Responsibilities
b) Operate and maintain the Product in accordance with the Operating Instructions, including but not limited to:
1. Ensuring that the units are adequately maintained
2. Regularly cleaning the air filter(s) and replacing them where necessary
4. ensuring that outdoor units have unrestricted airflow and adequate clearances

LG Electronics
5 Year Warranty
LG Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover :
Maintenance, repair or replacement of parts or consumables due to normal wear and tear.
Damage/problems caused by …….vermin or foreign mattering entering the equipment (ie dirt)
Repairs necessitated due to accident, neglect, improper storage or misuse
Normal maintenance recommended by the owner’s manual
Owner’s Responsibility
Normal maintenance recommended by owner’s manual is not covered by this express warranty and LG recommends t5hat owners take the time to familiarise themselves with the operating and maintenance requirements which include:
Cleaning of the air filters and replacement where necessary;
Operating and maintaining the product in accordance with instructions;
Ensuring that the air inlet and outlet on the outdoor unit is kept clear

5 Year Warranty
1.(h) ‘Warranty Condition’ means:
3) the Appliance has been regularly maintained in accordance with Electrolux guidelines set out in the user manual
7. You may not take claim under this warranty unless the defect claimed is due to faulty or defective parts or workmanship. Electrolux is not liable in the following situations (which are not exhaustive):
a) the Appliance is damaged by:
2) misuse or abuse, including failure to properly maintain or service
7) insect or vermin infestation

5 Year Warranty
Warranty Exclusions
C. This warranty does not extend to less caused by …… vermin or infestation (without limitation geckos, ants, spiders and frogs)
D. The Warranty does not cover damage caused by:
– Incorrect or improper maintenance or failure to maintain the Samsung product (including without limitation Annual Service and Cleaning of filters);
– failure to clean or improper cleaning of the product
– rust or normal weathering ….. (including salt spray, sand and dust)
– repair, modification or other work carried out on the Samsung product other than by Authorised Samsung Service Personnel

Haier (Fisher & Paykel)
5 Year Warranty
Manufacturer’s Warranty Exclusions
This manufacturer’s warranty does not cover, to the extent permitted by law:
4) Damaged caused by vermin, foreign matter (including dust, dirt, moisture etc)
16) Instruction in the correct operation and maintenance of the Product
17) Where it can be determined that any problem or defect is a result of any failure to comply with any instructions or observe any warnings in the Owner Manual/Operating instructions including but not limited to any failure to perform (or to perform properly or completely) service and maintenance requirements.

5 Year Warranty
This Warranty DOES NOT cover:
c) Damage or problems caused by …..foreign matter entering the equipment (eg dirt and moisture) or any other outside agency
e) Damage or deterioration to the external surfaces or refrigeration coils caused by normal weathering or corrosive atmospheric conditions
Owners Responsibility
The owner is responsible for the correct operation and regular maintenance of the equipment as listed below. The correction of any no product fault or problem is not covered by this warranty.
b) Regular cleaning of the air filter(s) and replacement where necessary
c) Ensuring that the air inlet and outlet on the outdoor unit is kept clear of any obstructions (eg dirt, leaves, plants)
d) Ensuring that the condensate drain is kept clean

Midea Air Conditioning
5 Year Warranty
6. In case of split ducted systems, warranty applies only to the Midea fan coil and condenser. Commercial warranty period applies subject to the Midea fan coil and condenser receiving a documented annual service inspection and function from a qualified air conditioning service company. This service must make sure a minimum that all gas levels are correct and that all electrical connections, evaporator coils, condenser coils and fans both internal and external are in good condition. Return air filters must be maintained and are the responsibility of the owner in both domestic and commercial applications.
This Midea Warranty excludes:
b) 3. If the product is installed in a factory, workshop, kitchen, garage or any other location where the air quality is particularly dusty or polluted and measured to be in excess of what could be considered normal in domestic or office environment
b) 10. Failure arising from lack of reasonable maintenance of the air conditioner (for example regular cleaning, replacement of filters etc)


** It is important to note that the above information is true and correct as at the date of this blog being published from the companies websites and warranties publicly available.  You should check your own warranty for your specific unit and contact the manufacturer should you need to clarify or make claims.