How Many Air Conditioners Will there be in 2030?

The world is getting hotter and hotter and with today’s hot climate it’s easy to understand why people are no longer hesitant to purchase air conditioners. The demand for air conditioners isn’t stopping any time soon in fact more and more people are willing to shell out cash just to live comfortably. Add to that our growing economy, people can now afford to buy air conditioning units to keep themselves cool and comfortable during the hot seasons.

It is estimated that by year 2030 over 700 million air conditioning units are going to be installed and by year 2050 around 1.6 billion. That number is indeed something to think about especially if you are in the air conditioning industry. As the number of air conditioners continue to increase year after year and possibly exploding by year 2050, the demand for your business without doubt is going to go through the roof.

This is a wonderful b opportunity for anyone who wishes to venture into a new business and with these figures, there really is no need for a feasibility study because obviously people will want to have their air conditioners cleaned and sanitised otherwise their bills are going to soar. And since we know that dirty air conditioners can affect the thermostat, we can already predict that when their ACs are no longer emitting cool air due to dirty filters it will drive homeowners to seek your services at some point. Isn’t that something worth looking forward to?

And with the help of social media, maximise our reach and educate more and more people about the need to have their air conditioners inspected, cleaned and sanitised.

If you are currently looking for a business that has the potential to make it big we urge you to learn more about HydroKleen. HydroKleen is a wonderful opportunity for business-minded individuals who are willing to do what it takes to achieve success.

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3 Tips to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Winter

We are all familiar with the preparations we need to do before the first signs of winter come along. We know that we need to visit our doctor for those flu shots because flu usually hits during the most unfavorable of weathers.

But apart from this, do you know that you also need to ready your AC and heat pump for the cold winter season? Here are three tips on how to get your AC/heat pump winter-ready.

Winter-proofing your AC and heat pump has to be done not during the winter but when the weather outside is still summery.

  1. Make sure that your outside unit is clear of obstructions so any twigs, plant debris or leaves have to be removed. If unit is near a tree make sure you do the necessary trimmings.
  2. Do not cover your AC. You may see a lot of people cover their ACs during the long winter but do know that these appliances are designed to withstand harsh weathers so there is no reason for you to cover it up.
  3. Have it maintained, cleaned and sanitised before the start of the winter season. Sure you can clean your AC by yourself but always know that if you are not a professional and if you are not skilled, you are running a very big risk of destroying your AC so it would be best that you let professional AC cleaners do the job.

As a homeowner, it is your job to contact the necessary professionals to clean your air conditioner. We know that in order to know which company is the best you need to do a trial and error method but why risk trying a wrong one when you can trust a reputable AC cleaning company like HydroKleen?

At HydroKleen, we pride ourselves in our prompt and professional service. We offer comprehensive air conditioning service and specialize in cleaning and sanitising split systems, ducted units and ceiling cassette units. After you’ve had a HydroKleen you will start breathing clean, fresh and healthy air like never before.

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HydroKleen’s Core Values – The Secret To Their Success

The success of a business lies on how they uphold their core values.

Building a strong culture in your business is something that you need to strive for every day and you can do that by upholding your company’s core values. A business without core values is no business at all. You’ll have no culture, no uniformity and no unity among those who work for you and work with you and that can be a real struggle especially during trying times.

In order to protect your business you have to establish core values. These core values have the power to give your business tremendous benefits such as gaining invaluable wisdom to place and assign the appropriate people across different sectors of your business, coming up with a simplified and doable corporate process and more importantly having core values allow your business to attract the right people to your organisation giving them every opportunity to thrive. When your organisation is founded by the company’s core values then success is really just around the corner.

The success of HydroKleen is no secret. Like any other business we started with a brand that is not renowned, a brand that was only known to us. We started from scratch but somehow through work and dedication we made it through and we consider ourselves successful by the standards we set.

Not all companies catapult to success but we pride ourselves in the success we’ve achieved so far in our journey and we owe it all to HydroKleen’s core values. Struggles are normal but when you have core values to go back to, it will give you the drive, the motivation and the inspiration to press on and do what you are supposed to do.

So when you are having doubts with your business, go back to your core values and remember them by heart. At HydroKleen, we treat each member of our organisation as family, we respect each other’s opinions and we care for each other and by working together we are better able to achieve our goals.

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Give Your Mum A Treat She Doesn’t Know She Needs

Mothers are the most selfless human beings on the planet. They are the masters of multitasking; raising kids, taking care of their family, running a household, managing their businesses and so much more all at the same time. It’s easy to understand why they can be always exhausted and barely have enough time for themselves.

That is why in celebration of Mother’s Day we encourage you to gift her with something she doesn’t even know she needs. Show her your appreciation by offering a gift that will not only put a smile on her face but will also contribute greatly to her health.

You see, mums today are so busy looking after everyone around them that they often forget to take care of their own health. This gift will serve as a reminder for her to slow down, breathe in and just relax and give herself permission to enjoy Mother’s Day without having a care in the world.

If you don’t have any idea what to give Mum on Mother’s Day offer to have her air conditioner cleaned. Do you know that it’s easy to get sick when your air conditioners are not properly maintained, cleaned and sanitised? If your mum hasn’t found the time to have her AC cleaned because she is too busy then now is the best time to do it. Don’t wait until she gets sick. Your mum’s health is precious to everyone and although she might not know it, mothers need some TLC too.

So go ahead, give her a hug, tell her you love her and then tell her what you have in store for her this Mother’s Day. It is important that when you contact a company to clean your AC it has to be a company that will do the job well because you don’t want to waste your money over a cleaning service company that does not give you satisfying results.

At HydroKleen, we’ll do all the inspecting, cleaning and sanitising for you while you sit back, relax and read a good book. We can answer all the questions you may have regarding your air conditioners regardless of its type.

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Get The Life-Work Balance You Have Always Wanted Through Franchising

Finding It Hard to Juggle Life and Work? Now You Don’t Have To.

I think we can all agree that one of the toughest challenges in life is balancing family and work. More often than not, the former gets compromised with most justifying that family is family and they will always understand whereas the company we are slaving for won’t.

It makes a whole lot of sense for people to choose the latter ninety-nine percent of the time. And it’s easy to understand why because life is demanding and it requires us to pay bills on a day-to-day basis. But do you know that there is actually a better way than to slave away in the corporate world? Do you know that you can get the best of both worlds by being with your family while you’re making money?

Thanks to franchising, the need to balance life and work is no longer an issue. Franchising offers a wonderful opportunity for you to enjoy being with your family, so while you’re looking after your kids and taking care of your partner you’ll have a sense of security that your income is increasing. And you’ll have more time for yourself to pursue hobbies or whatever it is that you are passionate about whether it’s golf, swimming, you name it.

Through franchising, entrepreneurs can gain control over their careers compared to when they are working for someone else. With time-tested systems and processes provided instantly by franchisors, a huge burden is lifted off your shoulders because you can then focus your energy and your concentration on running the business while at the same time enjoying what life has to offer.

Like any other business, franchising also takes a lot of work at first but once you get the hang of it, you can sit back and relax knowing you are using tried and tested systems that will increase the chances of success.

HydroKleen is an excellent business opportunity for you if you are considering opening a franchise. HydroKleen is an air conditioning cleaning company based in Australia. Our franchisees are growing by the minute and are sprouting like mushrooms all over the globe. We started franchising in July 2010 and since then we’ve introduced HydroKleen to over 13 countries and branded itself into over 40 countries all throughout the world in just a short span of time.

If you are ready to gain control over your life and your work we suggest you give franchising some thought.

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