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What everybody ought to know about their air conditioner!
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HydroKleen are the air conditioning cleaning experts, we specialise in one thing and we do it well. Why choose HydroKleen?

  • No call-out fees
  • No hourly rates
  • Instant quote
  • National Asthma Council Australia approved
  • Removes harmful bacteria
  • Reduces your air conditioning running costs
  • National operation and support
  • 12 month guarantee

What is HydroKleen?

  • #1: Save on your power bills

    A dirty coil and blower fan in your air conditioner means the unit has to work harder to cool the air. Your air speed will decrease and you will be tempted to turn the temperature down to cool the room more.

    This will only use more power. If you have used your air conditioner regularly since its installation... it will be dirty!

    When you have your air conditioner cleaned, up to 30% less power is used because the clean coil cools the air faster. And the air speed can be doubled because the fan motor does not have to work as hard. Using less power saves you more money

  • #2: Microbial contamination is eliminated

    All air conditioners, after regular usage become infected with “microbial contamination”. This contamination includes fungi, mould and bacteria. It will sometimes smell like a dirty sock or a faint musty smell.

    Air conditioners are the perfect environment for these contaminants, which become constantly airborne each time you use your air conditioner. Mould and humidity can be a very toxic mix.

  • #3: Your air conditioner will last longer.

    “Sustainability” is the catchphrase these days. As people try to do more for the environment, you can have this as your contribution. A regularly cleaned air conditioner will last a lot longer than one which isn’t. Would you buy a car and never have it cleaned? And if you did... would you expect it to last long? Well, air conditioners are the same, they need to be cared for so they can care for you. A clean air conditioner is an important part of everyone’s life, yet most people settle for less than they deserve. A dirty air conditioner is more than an inconvenient waste of energy and money... it is a health hazard

"Warning... Air Conditioners Can Be Silent Killers"

You are no doubt aware of the great benefits of having an air conditioner… the cooling breeze which allows you to escape the scorching heat of summer and gives you constant warmth in the depths of winter. However, this all comes at a price.

Everyone knows about the need to clean the filters in air conditioners, though very few actually do it.

What they don’t know is dirt, dust and DNA pass through the filters and there is a huge build up deep inside the air conditioner. Which means there is a whole community of mould, fungi and bacteria living inside your “trusty” air conditioner. All just waiting for the next time you turn it on, to be spread around again and again. It sounds disgusting and almost unbelievable!

Dirty air conditioners cost more to run because the unit has to work harder to blow the air through the biological build up. They usually only last as long as the warranty and they circulate contaminated air into the environment.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

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