10 Helpful Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Air Conditioner

10 Helpful tips to get the best out of your Air Conditioner
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Tip 1:
In more humid climates the relative humidity can reach up 100%.  Your indoor humidity should not exceed 60% as anything over this amount is the perfect breeding ground for mould..

Tip 2:
HydroKleen recommends your Air Conditioner be switched on to ‘Dry mode’ (the water droplet icon). Some models automatically reduce the fan speed to low or the fan icon will not be visible on the remote.  The reason for this is it slows down the airflow through the refrigerated coil so air makes contact and starts the process of condensing (this is removing the moisture out of the indoor space) and keeping the humidity inside under 60% . HydroKleen recommends keeping your AC on dry mode for roughly 4 hours a day.

Tip 3:
A ductless split system Air Conditioner does not bring fresh air in from outside it recycles the air inside the room up to 16 times per hour.

Tip 4:
The filters in your Air Conditioner are your first and only line of defence keeping foreign matter such as DNA out of the Air Conditioner.  This is the cause of Air Conditioners getting blocked and losing their optimal efficiency, and is the contributing factor for Bacteria and Mould to start growing in the air conditioner unit.

Cleaning your filters on a monthly basis will make your Air Conditioner healthier and reduce the power consumption. When removing the filters wash in warm soapy water and allow to dry.

Tip 5:
For every degree the Air Conditioner is lowered, the unit is using 8% more power.    If you have to turn your Air Conditioner below your desired temperature, either the filter, coil, barrel fan or drain is blocked and you need to get your Air Conditioner HydroKleened.

Tip 6:
An Air Conditioner is like a vehicle.  If it is not properly maintained, mechanical parts will fail.  If the Air Conditioner is blocked, it means the components are working harder,  this inturn leads to replacement, and on average the cost to replace an air-conditioner is around $2,000.

Tip 7:
The reason for HydroKleening your Air Conditioners is to create a cleaner surface area on the aluminium coil so that the air passing through the coil comes in to contact with 100% of the surface area allowing the unit to run at its optimal performance.

Tip 8:
Burning incense and candles while the AC is running,  leads to the aluminium coil becoming clotted with the burning by-product, which may make you lower the temperature of the unit and increase your power cost.

Tip 9:
The Ergon calculator is a great site that can help you show what your power consumption is at different temperatures and runtimes.

Tip 10:
The World Health Organisation has announced that vapers from a sneeze or a cough can stay suspended in the air up the four hours. An Air Conditioner is the perfect environment for pathogens to grow as it is moist and dark, and with the human body sheading its skin every 3 days, this all contributes in supplying the protein for harmful Bacteria to grow and flourish.

HydroKleen’s Trained and Certified ACWWA Technicians use equipment specifically designed to clean Air Conditioners and will hygienically clean your Air Conditioner back to as new condition, backed by our industry-leading 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Experience the HydroKleen Difference today on 1300 608 318.

National Asthma Council of Australia Exclusive Accreditation

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