24 degrees is uniquely synonymous with the ideal temperature that your trusty home Air Conditioner should run at according to most manufacturer manuals.

Most Air Conditioners are now manufactured with a Star rating shown clearly on the front cover and as a consumer you would accept that the Star rating should remain as such for the lifetime of your Air Conditioner!   WRONG!

HydroKleen CEO John Sanders explains why.

When an Air Conditioner is new it will run at optimum as per the Star rating, however, when the Air Conditioner becomes dirty the Star rating becomes irrelevant because the machine has to work a lot harder to cool your room and so uses much more power.

This means that if your Air Conditioner has a Star rating of 4.5 – once it gets dirty it may drop to a 2 or a 2.5!

Sadly, the manufacturers fail to tell you this in their warranty manuals – other than to wash your filters regularly.

To keep your Air Conditioner running as per the Star rating on the front, you must keep the whole unit properly cleaned, not just the filters.

When your Air Conditioner becomes dirty you will tend to reduce the temperature from 24 to 22 or even 20 degrees.

Did you know that every time you reduce the temperature by one degree the Air Conditioner will use approximately 5% more power.

In 2009, HydroKleen invented the Wet wash system to clean and sanitize your Air Conditioner back to as new.  HydroKleen are the world experts in HydroKleening your trusty Air Conditioner back to how it should work when you purchased it.

If you want a guarantee that your air conditioner will have increased air flow and lower the temperature more quickly, in turn reducing running costs of your air conditioner, contact your local HydroKleen Certified Technician today on 1300 608 318.

For further information on the HydroKleen Australia Franchise business system or HydroKleen Global licence, please contact [email protected] or call 64-7 5597 7749.

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