3 Doable Ways to Reduce Air Conditioner Costs

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Does saving money on your electricity bill while you keep cool sound good to you? Perhaps you’re one of a thousand others who can attest to the fact that your air conditioning bills make up to half of your power bill. The good news is, you can trim this down if you improve your air conditioning efficiency. Here are the top 3 doable ways to reduce your air conditioner costs:

  1. Have a programmable thermostat installed.

If you adjust your air conditioner’s thermostat down by 5 to 8 degrees in winter and up in summer, you can save energy and fatten your wallet. It’s best if you have a programmable thermostat because this will allow you to automatically adjust the temperature as needed. Gone are the days of the analog wheel or dial that’s used to set the temperature. Nowadays, you can even use your smartphone to conveniently control your cooling system.

  1. Keep your air conditioner filters clean.

Do you want to keep your air conditioner’s airflow steady? Have your air filters cleaned every month. In case you aren’t aware, your cooling system and your blower fan work doubly hard if your airflow slows down because of dirty air filters.  Not only that, dirty air filters are a culprit of air conditioning breakdowns. By the way, if you have a window type air conditioner, you can take out its removable filter and rinse it monthly.

  1. Let a professional handle your air conditioner’s regular cleaning.

Keep in mind that your air conditioner will use 10 to 30% more energy if it’s poorly maintained. With proper maintenance, you can extend its life for up to 10 years or more. Do yourself a favour and have an expert regularly clean your air conditioners. Aside from helping you save more money on power costs, a well-maintained air conditioner will provide you with clean air that will do you more good than you realise.

At HydroKleen, we have a Cleaning Service Guarantee that lists all the things you should expect when you hire us as your air conditioner cleaning experts. We also have an updated website where you can read our monthly blog posts that talk about everything that concerns air conditioners. We also offer helpful and insightful tips to improve the efficiency of your air conditioners. On our website, you can also see our HydroKleen checklist so you’ll know if our air conditioner cleaning experts really did their job.

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