3 Key Things You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing

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Seventeenth century English author John Donne once said that “no man is an island.” Indeed, there is truth to this saying because every living being in this world would always seek companionship. Science can even back this up stating that each one of us needs social interaction and social support as these have a positive influence in both our emotional and physical health. Building relationships and creating friendships helps lower the occurrence of anxiety, depression and stress. It is for this reason why social media, since its inception, is continually growing based on the number of registered accounts. With social media, even when you are alone in your home, you won’t feel alone because you can virtually interact with friends, family and even strangers online.

At present, over 2.8 billion users are active on social media platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. And since the majority of the world’s population are active in these platforms, marketing specialists are finding more and more reasons to spend their time marketing in these sites to grow their network and promote their businesses.

Social media is without doubt an excellent medium that will help build your brand but there are certain things marketers and entrepreneurs do not know about social media and these are the following:

  1. Social Media Is A Social Site

Social media is not your diary. Social media is not a freedom wall where you can post as you please. If you are an entrepreneur trying to market your brand, you have to be strategic. Social media is a social site, which means it requires interaction. The problem with many entrepreneurs today is they use it as a wall to promote their brand non-stop. They keep bombarding it with blogs, YouTube links and memes without taking the time to really interact and converse with their community.

  1. You Should Not Outsource Your Social Media Page

We understand that you’re busy with other things but if you really want to build a strong and solid connection with your followers then you need to set aside a time out of your busy day to reply to comments and messages because these are things that you cannot outsource to somebody else unless that person knows exactly what to say. When you are building a brand, you have to make your subscribers and followers feel that they are talking to you directly even though it’s virtual.

  1. You Don’t Get Results Overnight

Most people think that the moment they start posting content online they’ll instantly get subscribers and customers. If you think this way, you will always end up frustrated because social media is not magic. It takes time, effort and creativity to build yourself up in these platforms. The key to ensuring that people will notice you is consistency and quality. If you are consistent with your posts and making sure that all of it are of high quality content, your visitors will eventually convert to customers.

As entrepreneurs, you have to know what tools you can use to market your brand but it’s not enough to know what these are, you must also know how to use them and when to use them to maximise its efficiency.

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