3 Ways To Help Create Customer Loyalty

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How do you keep a business afloat? If you ask successful business owners, they would likely tell you to come up with a brilliant marketing plan or concentrate on lead generation, but very few would tell you to focus on customer loyalty. Perhaps because not a lot of business owners are aware of the powerful impact that customer loyalty has on their business.

You see, when you successfully acquire loyal customers, it’s like hitting the jackpot. These people are going to spend more on your products and services. It also takes less persuading because they will likely buy your other products as well. And if that’s not enough, they are going to spread the word for you free of charge based on their positive experience with your company! And did you know loyal customers show a conversion rate five to nine times greater than new customers? That’s how powerful loyal customers are.

So, how do you keep them loyal? Here are three proven and tested ways to help create customer loyalty.

  • Prioritise Customer Service Above Anything

If your sales are doing splendidly, don’t let it get inside your head. Even though you have the best product and the most in demand service today, it doesn’t mean you’ll keep doing well in the market and in the future if your customer service is lacking.

In the age of digital technology, dissatisfied customers can easily air their grievances and disappointments online and this can put your reputation in jeopardy. When your credibility is questioned, visitors will not convert to customers and existing customers will probably start questioning whether they should stay loyal to you. Therefore, if you want to keep your customers loyal, ensure that you prioritise your customer service. Treat your customers well, make them feel that their presence is wanted and their contribution to your business is valued.

  • Offer Perks To Loyal Customers

Your customers will appreciate you if you go the extra mile to make them feel valued. One of the best ways to reward a customer for their loyalty is by providing them with perks. If you have loyal customers, you can give them VIP passes where they won’t have to queue to pay or you can offer them immediate seating, or you can give them a little token of appreciation from time to time. Rewarding them is one way of encouraging them to stick around.

  • Communicate With Your Customers Frequently

Find ways to communicate with your customers frequently because it’s one way of making them remember you. Make sure you update your database with their mailing address, phone number and email address and once you have the details, you can send them newsletters, birthday greetings, sale announcements and other friendly reminders. One important thing to remember, keep it personal. Take for instance if you send them a newsletter, include their name after the greeting.

Customer loyalty is one of the secrets to a successful business. Therefore, if you are wanting to boost your sales, it would help if you apply these strategies in your business plan.

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