5 Reasons Why You’ll Love HydroKleen

5 reasons youll love hydroKleen-HydroKleen Australia
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We thought we’d share 5 of the reasons you’ll love your HydroKleen clean and sanitisation!

  1. Our Franchise Partners are all local business men and women, working to provide their customers with a great value solution, in a professional and friendly manner. It’s important to choose to work with people you like and trust, and the HydroKleen Franchise Partners are no exception!
  1. We’re Ductless Split System air conditioning cleaning and sanitising specialists using ‘fit for purpose’ cleaning equipment. This means we’re not a jack-of-all-trades cleaner who’ll vacuum the filter and send you a bill. As an ACWWA Certified HVAC Wet Wash Specialist, we’re certified and trained hygiene assessors in the specifics of Ductless Split System air conditioner cleaning and sanitisation. This leaves you, the customer, with a clean you can be confident in. It’s not just ‘basic maintenance’.
  1. Our unique cleaning system means no mess, a cleaner air conditioner and longer lasting results. As a result, you can expect a clean and sanitisation that eliminates microbial pollutants, such as mould, mildew, fungi and other assorted bacteria from your air conditioning unit. It means you will breathe healthy, hygienic air in your home or workplace.  We’re proud to be the Exclusive Partner of National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program!
  1. Lower power bills! A clean air conditioner won’t just give you cleaner air, it’ll also reduce the running costs. This is because dirty filters and coils means the machine must work harder to get to the desired temperature. We can save you up to 30% on the power usage for your air conditioning unit!
  1. A service guarantee that gives you complete peace of mind. If for some unlikely reason you’re not happy with your clean, we promise to give you that clean for FREE plus we’ll book and pay for the clean to be completed again by a competitor! We’re that confident in our HydroKleen systems that we’ll introduce you to a competitor if you’re not happy!

Now that we’ve convinced you that you’ll LOVE your HydroKleen experience, give our friendly team a call and book your next air conditioner clean and sanitise.  1300 608 318

If you would like to join the leaders in the industry and start your HydroKleen journey with a HydroKleen Australia Franchise or a HydroKleen Global licence, please contact [email protected] or call 07 5597 7749 for more information.

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