5 Tips to Reduce the Running Costs of Your Air Conditioner

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These days, everyone wants to save money. With the costs of electricity rising and a desire for more sustainable living becoming increasingly popular, we understand! As more and more people want to live in the comfort of air conditioning throughout the year, we’ve put together our top 5 tips on how to reduce the running cost of your air conditioner.

How to Reduce the Running Cost of Your Air Conditioner

  1. Keep your outdoor unit free of dirt, leaves and other objects. Dirty fins and coils will result in your air conditioner running less efficiently, due to the lack of suitable air flow. Screens around the unit can be recommended, however, ensure you install them with enough space for access for cleaning and adequate air flow.
  2. TVs, fridges and other electrical devices all emit a lot of heat, that could fool your air conditioner thermostat into thinking it’s warmer than it is. Strategically place your wall units in a clear space in the room to get a more accurate reading of the temperature inside and save on unnecessary energy usage.
  3. It’s generally best to leave the air conditioner on when you’re leaving the house for a few hours, rather than turning it off. The amount of energy required to cool down (or warm up) a home again, is significantly more than keeping it at the desired temperature. For longer periods of time using a programmable thermostat will reduce running costs further. While you’re not at home, the temperature can be set higher (or lower, for heating) than you might normally use, with a timer to adjust to your desired temperature before you return.
  4. It feels like many things aren’t made to last anymore. However, if reducing landfill, waste and wasted money are important to you, cleaning your air conditioner can do just that! Regularly cleaning your air conditioner is like regularly servicing your car. You can’t expect it to run efficiently and effectively without a regular service. A filter clean is simply basic maintenance, like an oil change, whereas a HydroKleen is a service with ‘the works’!
  5. The filter is not the only part of an air conditioner that needs regular cleaning. Many people assume that when they buy an air conditioner they may need to clean the filter occasionally, but it otherwise doesn’t need cleaning. This results in many inefficient, dirty, full of microbial contamination air conditioners operating without a proper clean and sanitise. Not only that, a dirty air conditioner means larger electricity bills! A HydroKleen will help keep the air of your home clean and reduce your running costs.

HydroKleen- Your Reliable Aircon Cleaning Expert

Your local HydroKleen technician is the expert in your air conditioning cleaning and sanitising needs, and loves to help reduce air conditioning running costs. Get in touch with our friendly team today to book your next clean!  1300 608 318.

To find out more about the HydroKleen Air Conditioning Cleaning system and franchise details, please contact [email protected].

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