6 Tell-tale Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Cleaning ASAP

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Regularly cleaning and sanitising your air conditioner is important for overall efficiency and function. Plus, it will help remove the dust and dirt, mould and mildew that builds up deep within the machine, spreading germs and allergens through your environment. There are a few tell-tale signs your air conditioner needs a clean ASAP:

  1. The external vents are covered in mould and mildew.

If you can see mould on the external vents, when the air conditioner is on, it’s definitely time for a thorough clean and sanitise. By the time this microbial contamination can be visibly seen on the external vent, the inside of the machine is most likely riddled with mould and its harmful spores.

  1. The filter is covered in dust and dirt build-up.

This build-up of microbial contamination prevents your air conditioner from running at its optimum level. A dirty filter is often the first obvious sign an air conditioner needs cleaning, and it should be cleaned every 3 months if used regularly. It is possible to DIY when it comes to the filter, however you should always exercise caution when cleaning components of electrical devices. A dirty filter spreads that dust throughout the air, which can be troublesome for those suffering from allergies.

  1. It’s blowing hot air when it should be cold.

Many people rely on their air conditioners to provide year-long comfort for their home or office, so when it just doesn’t do as good a job at cooling the room as you’re used to, it’s frustrating. The first step to fixing this problem is a thorough clean as the air conditioner is likely struggling to operate efficiently. On occasion, it may be a refrigerant leak, but this tends to be a relatively uncommon problem.

  1. The unit is ‘huffing’, ‘wheezing’ or rattling.

Any unusual noise coming from your air conditioner should always be investigated. These noises tend to get worse if the problem isn’t resolved. A fan, bolt or panel may be loose, or the fan may have become unbalanced due to dust collecting on it. The coil fins may also need a clean out. Getting to the bottom of this problem ASAP is important.

  1. There’s a pungent smell coming from the air conditioner.

Air conditioners have a drain pan that can get clogged up, resulting in mould and mildew growing and releasing their familiar musty smell. Sometimes, this water, and dark space becomes tempting for small animals, such as lizards, which then get stuck and decompose, adding to the smelly situation. This is a definite time for a HydroKleen.

  1. It’s been over 12 months since it was last cleaned.

You may not notice any of the previous signs that should trigger a clean and sanitise, but let us assure you, if it’s been over 12 months since a clean, your air conditioner will be harbouring, dust, dirt and microbial contamination. Recirculating these allergens through the air can make all of us feel sniffly and sick, not to mention the additional electricity costs of running an inefficient air conditioner!

To get your air conditioner back to functioning efficiently and effectively, contact your local HydroKleen specialist. They’ll look after the above issues in line with our incredible service guarantee and your air conditioner will thank you for it!  1300608 318

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