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National Asthma Council of Australia Approved AC Cleaners
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We know that you’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to cleaning your air conditioner or heating pump. Everybody — understandably — wants a good deal too! In times of record high costs of living, it’s easy to simply choose the cheapest option. There can’t be that much of a difference between different air conditioner cleaning businesses, right? Wrong!

You Get What You Pay For

Cleaning and sanitising ductless air conditioners is a totally unregulated part of the air conditioning industry. Without enforced regulation, there will always exist the more unscrupulous individuals among us, claiming they’re experts in the field and using cleaning methods that simply can’t compete with the HydroKleen level of service.

The manufacturers and distributors of ductless air conditioners are only required to state in their warranty manuals that the filters must be cleaned regularly — that’s all! There are no training requirements or industry standards in place when it comes to deep cleaning the units and their individual components (aside from the air filters). From experience, we know that you should periodically clean the coil, fan and all the plastic surfaces to flush out all of the potentially harmful biological material inside of your unit.

HydroKleen Are ACWWA Certified Cleaners

The Air Conditioner Wet Wash Association (ACWWA) was formed over a decade ago to provide structure, accountability and self-regulation for the wet wash industry. A not-for-profit organisation, their mission is to ensure all Australians have better air quality by comprehensively cleaning their air conditioners.

Developing the ACWWA HVAC Wet Wash Guidelines for Ductless Split Systems, all businesses that are verified and operate within these codes are recognized by the ACWWA. Hydrokleen’s comprehensive wet wash system abides by these strict hygiene guidelines and is fully compliant with all voluntary codes of practice.

Upon completion of your air conditioner’s cleaning, a certified specialist will apply a ACWWA hygienically cleaned seal to the front of your unit. Giving you the piece of mind that comes with knowing your air conditioner has been cleaned correctly.

An Industry Leading Wet Wash System

HydroKleen invented the wet wash system in 2009. We remain the only company in the world to specifically design and manufacture equipment systems to carry out this method of cleaning efficiently and effectively.

When it comes to proper air conditioner cleaning, it requires a mix of ingenuity and elbow grease to achieve the best result. While you might see miraculous methods of cleaning advertised that seem too good to be true — that’s because they often are!

Simply spraying some foam into a dirty air conditioner will not do the job. It’s about as useful as spraying some soapy foam onto a dirty plate of fatty bacon and eggs and expecting it to be clean enough to put away.

Comprehensive cleaning requires specialised tools, products and knowledge – something HydroKleen’s got in spades!

National Asthma Council of Australia Approved AC Cleaners

If you’re looking for a comprehensive clean that will leave your air conditioner as good as new, choose an ACWWA certified and Asthma Council approved technician. Choose a business that’s an industry pioneer and always looking for new ways to innovate their services. Choose HydroKleen for a better clean every time!

Request a quote today or contact HydroKleen Australia on 1300 608 318 for more information about our Australia-wide cleaning services.

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