Air Conditioner – Signs It Needs Cleaning

Signs of Your Air Conditioner needs a clean
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The summer season is often the time when air conditioners find themselves having problems because that is when cooling units are used the most often. In fact, you may have your air conditioner running practically all day and all night on the most sweltering days of the season.

You will know right away that your air conditioner is not working efficiently if suddenly you find yourself sweating profusely when you felt cool and relaxed only a short time before. There are some sure signs you can look for to know that your AC unit needs help. Knowing these will help you seek professional cleaning before a problem gets out of hand.

The Signs You Need AC Cleaning

The truth is, there are times you will need help with your AC unit. Some of these times are fairly obvious. For instance, if you turn on your unit and it does not cool, you know that you need the help of a professional AC cleaning company. After all, it should run and cool when you turn it on. This is typically an emergency situation that requires immediate action, or you will not have a working unit. However, other times are not so obvious.

One of the first signs you will notice when it is time for your air conditioner to be cleaned is a lack of efficiency. However, you will have to pay attention to notice this because it’s not always as obvious as you might think. If you notice that your AC unit is not running normal when the temperature outside has not changed, it might be time to give your technician a call. Similarly, if it is running a lot and not making much of a difference in your home’s temperature, you should call.

If you are unsure about the efficiency of your unit, you can experiment. Turn it down past where you normally feel comfortable and let it run for a little while. If you start to feel cool and then the unit shuts off, your unit is probably working well. If it runs continuously, but you do not feel the change of temperature, your AC unit is not running efficiently.

Noises are another sign that your air conditioner needs help with. Squeals, clunks, and other noises you don’t normally hear are other signs that your AC unit has a problem. They may not put your family’s safety at risk. Still, these sounds indicate something is going wrong inside the unit, and you should get it cleaned as soon as possible.

Finally, pay attention to how well the unit cools your entire home. If some areas are not getting cool, but others are, you may want your system checked. There could be dust, particles, and microbes blocking in your AC unit that reduces its efficiency.

Need Assistance with your Air Conditioners?

Asking a professional’s opinion is key.  All HydroKleen technicians test and check each unit prior to cleaning, and if it doesn’t need a clean, they will tell you.  They will step you through the entire HydroKleen process before they get started.

HydroKleen is the world leader in the cleaning and sanitisation of air conditioning units. In fact, we invented the Wet Wash system and have been helping customers all over the world Breathe Healthy Air™ for over 10 years.

Call 1300 608 318 today to book in a professionally trained HydroKleen Technician!

If you would like to know more about the HydroKleen Franchsie or License Business System, please email our support office at [email protected] or visit our website

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