Air Conditioner Cleaning Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens


HydroKleen Newcastle Clean Air Conditioners in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens regions. We are your local experts in air conditioning cleaning.

Newcastle resident Chantelle Cousins is a health conscious mum and member of the Newcastle Organic Co-operative – The Healthful Pantry, where members bulk buy organic goods at discounted prices. She has recently purchased a new business to help bring the principles of being healthy and fresh to local Newcastle residents and business owners.

As a Newcastle local, born and bred, Chantelle recognised a gap in the market when it came to making your home and workplace healthy. Chantelle has purchased the Franchise for HydroKleen Newcastle. She is the first female Franchisee to come on board and is delighted she can share the HydroKleen cleaning service with her fellow Newcastle residents.

HydroKleen Australia is a National company who provide air conditioning cleaning services. They use a unique method to clean air conditioning units which eliminates the germs, mould, dust and bacteria that live in our air conditioning units at home and at work.

“I have two young children and we tend to run a pretty healthy home. However I began noticing recently that children of friends always seemed to be sick with a bug of some kind resulting in cancelled play dates! These poor mums were trying everything to help prevent the colds and sniffles, but nothing seemed to work.”

Chantelle is looking forward to sharing her new business with friends and fellow Healthful Pantry members. She is also already in discussions with local schools, day care centres and businesses about the simple, but effective service. It is incredible to think that simply cleaning your air conditioner correctly can ensure you are breathing healthy, uncontaminated air and reduce your power bills at the same time.