Bio-Toxin Related Illnesses in Australia & Air Conditioning

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Recently, the Australian government commenced an inquiry into bio-toxin related illnesses in Australia. The initial recommendations included that the Department of Health continue further research into the potential health effects of exposure to damp and mould; the prevalence of dampness and mould in the built environment; and provide advice on the prevention and removal of mould.

We’re proud to say that HydroKleen made a detailed submission to the Australian Parliament on the matter and HydroKleen was mentioned twice in Parliament when the matter was discussed. This is, of course, a worldwide problem, as the use of air conditioners increases whilst regular cleaning and sanitising of the air conditioner doesn’t occur as regularly as it should (if ever).

We are firmly of the belief that poorly maintained air conditioning systems are contributing to health problems and affecting productivity, in Australia and across the world. Manufacturers do recommend that filters are regularly cleaned. However, we know that a quick vacuum and rinse infrequently will not sufficiently clean the air conditioner, to remove the build-up of mould spores, fungi, DNA, pet dander, dust mites, viral microbials and dirt. These particles, which are microscopic, are smaller than a human hair and easily pass through the filters. They are both organic and inorganic and they attach to the coil, barrel fan and other surfaces of the air conditioner. Home and business owners should not attempt to clean the coil and barrel fan, as it requires both specialist equipment and experience, so they don’t damage these working components of their air conditioner.

This is where a HydroKleen specialist cleaner can make a significant impact to the cleanliness of your air conditioner and the air quality in your home or commercial building. Our state-of-the-art, unique cleaning systems virtually eradicates the microbial contamination, so you can breathe healthy air again. In fact, we GUARANTEE that our HydroKleen Cleaner will remove all mould and bacteria from your air conditioner – A  significant solution to reducing these bio-toxins in your home or workplace, reducing the likelihood of bio-toxin related illnesses.

We’re excited to see what will come from the acknowledgement of the Australian government that this very serious health issue exists, and we hope that it will be expanded into other countries, so awareness into this issue is increased and many solutions found to improve health outcomes across the world.

You can read our full submission here:

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