How To Choose An Air Conditioner Cleaning Company

It appears more and more companies are steadily producing air conditioners and it’s easy to see why. The demand for air conditioners are growing by the day and this doesn’t look like it’s going to dwindle anytime soon. In fact, with climate change happening right now people are going to want to invest in air conditioners more. The demand for air conditioners is so overwhelming that a lot of entrepreneurs have decided to open up businesses that offer air conditioner cleaning services.

A quick Google search will give you a long list of these air conditioner cleaning companies and what’s interesting is that all of them claim to be number one making it difficult if not hard for consumers to choose the best company. Obviously, if you are wise you’ll know that this is just part of their marketing campaign to attract customers. This brings us to question, how do you choose an air conditioner cleaning company? We’ll give you three tips so you won’t make the mistake of hiring a company that will charge you with ridiculous fees (and hidden fees) and companies that do not deliver on their promises.

  1. Read Customer Feedback

One of the ways for you to know about whether or not a certain company does what it says on their ABOUT US page is by reviewing customer feedback. There are customers who are willing to give their two cents about a service either to encourage or to warn future customers. You can join forums or just read about customers’ experience online.

  1. Research A Company’s Reputation

Doing research will give you the answers you are looking for. A company that has an untainted reputation will stand the test of time. If they have been in the industry for a long time and if they have garnered awards, licenses, training, and receive good reviews about their services then it could only mean that they are indeed true to their word and they value customer satisfaction.

  1. Try Their Service

Assuming you’ve done tip#1 and tip#2 and you’re convinced that you’ve found the cream of the crop, your next step is to try their service and see if they truly deliver to their promise. After a cleaning service, it’s as simple as inspecting your air conditioner to see if it’s free from dirt and debris as this is a clear indicator that they did a thorough clean. Other factors to consider are prompt and efficient service; their ability to explain clearly what is happening and improved airflow of your air conditioner among others.

HydroKleen does all these and more because we value your trust and we strive to maintain your loyal patronage. We don’t let our website speak for ourselves; we let our customers vouch for us. We also have a set of guarantees for all our customers so they can have an idea what to expect from us.

At HydroKleen we specialise in cleaning and santising air conditioners to remove organisms such as bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew that can make you and your family sick.  Our comprehensive air conditioning cleaning service will make sure that the air you breathe is fresh and clean to reduce the probability of sickness caused by organisms trapped in your air conditioners.

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Help ACWWA to help you

Dear Valued Customer,

We have communicated previously that HydroKleen Australia is a proud supporter and Provider member of ACWWA (Air Conditioner Wet Wash Association). HydroKleen Australia fully supports the ACWWA vision and objectives in influencing much needed change in our industry. All HydroKleen Technicians are ACWWA Certified Wet Wash Specialists and Hygienists.

Please see below a communication from the CEO of ACWWA Craig McShane.

Dear Consumer of Conditioned Air

ACWWA is an industry association that is committed to self-regulation within the Ductless Air Conditioner Wet Wash Industry. Our focus, simply put is to look after the interests of Consumers of Conditioned Air. Everywhere we go today, we see split system, ductless air conditioners in our homes, schools, health facilities, gymnasiums and the list goes on.

These systems, as most of you are aware are full of mould and bio-toxins which are not good for our health. Help us to help you in bringing about change in the way these are cleaned and when they are cleaned, done so in accordance with our wet wash guidelines.

Please like our Facebook Page at and/or go to our website and sign up as a Consumer Member, which is free at Facebook Page likes and Consumer Member numbers will give us the power we need to influence change in this unregulated industry.

Thanks so much for your time,
Craig McShane
CEO/Managing Director
M: 0407 742 317

Kind regards
Stuart Macdonald

How To Cut Down On Air Conditioner Costs

One thing we know about air conditioners is the fact that we literally could not live without them. Before air conditioners were invented people tried ingenious ways to keep themselves cool during sweltering seasons. Some lived in basements because the temperature underground is way cooler, some of them reconstructed their homes to make their ceilings higher so that more air can circulate inside. There were even those who went as far as hanging wet laundry in their doorways or slept on refrigerated sheets just to counter the warmth. Lucky for us, we don’t have to do any of these thanks to Willis Carrier the inventor of modern air conditioner. With just a swipe of a card, people can purchase and install their own air conditioners wherever they desire.

While air conditioners can indeed keep us comfortable, it comes with a price. Many of us do not realise that spending money to have your own air conditioner unit is just the beginning of a long series of money spending. But don’t get discouraged because we found ways to cut down on air conditioner costs so you can guiltlessly enjoy the coolness it brings without worrying about your power bill.

The following are the things you can do to cut down on air conditioner costs:

  1. Choose The Right Size

Using a small air conditioner unit in a huge house is not cost efficient. The best option you can have is to go for a larger unit. Luckily, most of the air conditioners being sold today are already energy efficient, which means they won’t take up much electricity for it to operate. If you are planning to install air conditioners in a gigantic home try using central air systems. They are specifically designed for big areas so you can be sure that it will be able to cool down a huge house.

  1. Keep Your Thermostat Steady

One of the ways to reduce electricity cost is by keeping your thermostat at a steady temperature. If you keep on changing the temperature of your unit it will cause your air conditioner to work doubly hard than it’s supposed to do and this can have major consequences to your power bill. If you are serious about cutting down on costs, avoid changing the thermostat.

  1. Have Your Air Conditioners Cleaned Regularly

Over time, your air conditioners will collect dust and dirt from you home and when this happens it will affect its efficiency to keep your homes cool. Aside from compromising its efficiency, a dirty air conditioner will also cost you money. If you haven’t had your air conditioners cleaned for a long time, you’ll notice a surge in your electricity bill. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to have your air conditioners cleaned regularly by air conditioner cleaning experts.

As an owner of air conditioners, it should be your responsibility to have your air conditioners cleaned by professionals regularly.

At HydroKleen we specialise in cleaning and santising air conditioners to remove organisms such as bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew that can make you and your family sick.  Our comprehensive air conditioning cleaning service will make sure that the air you breathe is fresh and clean to reduce the probability of sickness caused by organisms trapped in your air conditioners.

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Engage the Services of an Air Conditioner Wet Wash Association (ACWWA) Certified Wet Wash Specialist Technician

If your air conditioner is not cooling or heating properly, there could potentially be a vast amount of microbial contamination clogging your unit and reducing your unit’s efficiency to circulate healthy air throughout your home. By keeping your air conditioner clean and sanitised, you will not only extend its life span, you will save money on your power bill and avoid costly early replacement.

You may choose to clean the filter on your own, but an ACWWA Certified Wet Wash Specialist Technician is required to remove all microbial pollutants that accumulate inside your unit. Always hire a HydroKleen ACWWA Certified Wet Wash Specialist Technician to make sure you Breathe Healthy Air™.

With ACWWA’s mission is that every ductless air conditioner is cleaned at least once a year, back to as new condition, in a safe manner by a suitably trained and qualified professional, using professional equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products for the good health and protection of the consumer of the conditioned air output.… why wouldn’t you choose an ACWWA Certified Wet Wash Specialist Technician!

5 reasons to hire an ACWWA Certified Wet Wash Specialist Technician

Experience: Aside from the years of experience in working in the Air Conditioning cleaning industry, HydroKleen Technicians have also undertaken the ACWWA certification process and are now ACWWA Certified HVAC Wet Wash Specialists & Hygiene Assessors and clean to ACWWA’s HVAC Wet Wash Guidelines for Ductless Split Systems.

Expertise: One of the most important aspects of air conditioner cleaning is industry knowledge. All ACWWA Certified Technicians are professionally trained and certified to clean Ductless Split System air conditioning units back to ‘As New’ hygienic condition using HydroKleen’s trade-marked fit for purpose cleaning equipment, cleaning system and agents to ensure consumers breathe healthy and hygienic air.

To Avoid the Need for Future Replacement: Your air conditioner should be able to fully function for many years to come. Though as your air con unit gathers dirt and dust, it will become more difficult to function properly. These minimal problems can be averted by having your air conditioner cleaned and sanitised regularly by an ACWWA Certified Technician.

To Remove Microbial Contamination: Using your Air Conditioner regularly will mean the unit will gather dirt, dust and microbial pollutants which may cause illness and affect those prone to allergies and asthma.  As they accumulate in the unit and the unit is turned on, the mould spores and microbial pollutants will be circulated throughout your home and make the air you breathe unsanitary. By requesting your Technician to be ACWWA Certified, you will be using a Certified Technician and receive a clean that will bring your unit back to ‘As New’ condition.

To Lower Electricity Bills: A dirty air conditioner will increase your power costs as it consumes more electricity as it is forced to work harder. By cleaning and sanitising your air con unit by an ACWWA Certified Specialist Technician, you can reduce your unit’s need to work harder and expect to save on your electricity bill.

HydroKleen is the world leader in the cleaning and sanitisation of air conditioning units.  In fact HydroKleen invented the wet wash system and have been helping customers all over the world Breathe Healthy Air™ for over 10 years. HydroKleen Technicians clean and sanitise air conditioners to the highest of standards using cleaning equipment that is ‘fit for purpose’ – purposely built to clean air conditioning systems.

HydroKleen’s industry leading 9 Point Guarantee also guarantees that if you don’t believe your HydroKleen cleaning service is the most through clean your air conditioner has ever had, the clean is Free and we will book and pay for your air conditioner to be cleaned by a competitor.

Book a HydroKleen ACWWA Certified Specialist Technician to clean your air conditioning systems today on 1300 608 318 or email

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HydroKleen Australia Announces Renewal of Exclusive Partnership with National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program

Queensland, Australia September 2020 – HydroKleen Australia, the world-leaders in air conditioning cleaning and sanitisation, is pleased to announce their ongoing partnership and accreditation as an Exclusive Partner of the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program since 2007.

In 2006, National Asthma Council Australia created the not-for-profit Sensitive Choice program to help millions of consumers across Australia to breathe cleaner, fresher hygienic air. The program also aims to inform the consumer about allergy-aware products and services, and asthma and allergy management to make a well-informed decision.

As the Exclusive Air Conditioning Cleaning & Sanitisation Partner in this program, HydroKleen Australia supports those affected by asthma, allergies, and illnesses by providing them the benefit to Breathe Healthy Air™ in the home or workplace through their trademarked industry-leading air conditioning cleaning system.

HydroKleen’s Cleaning System and Cleaning Agents were rigorously tested and satisfied an independent Product Advisory Panel that they do no harm and offer benefits to people with asthma or allergies. This panel consists of a respiratory physician, allergist, general practitioner, pharmacist, chemist and engineer and assessed our product based on the research supplied and against other current and credible research available worldwide.

HydroKleen Australia’s association with the Sensitive Choice Program provides is a reassurance to the consumer that a HydroKleen AC clean and sanitisation will have immense benefit to their health and well-being by removing all microbial pollutants from the AC unit. HydroKleen Australia sees their association with this Program as a key element in supporting those affected by asthma and allergies.

HydroKleen Australia’s provider membership with the Air Conditioner Wet Wash Association (ACWWA) also confirms HydroKleen’s commitment to healthy and hygienic indoor air quality. All HydroKleen Technicians are ACWWA Certified Wet Wash Specialist Technicians and clean AC units back to ‘As New’ hygienic condition as per the ACWWA HVAC Wet Wash Guidelines for Ductless Split Systems.

HydroKleen eradicates microbial contamination so that you can Breathe Healthy Air™. To clean your air conditioning systems, book a professionally trained HydroKleen Technician now! 1300 608 318

If you are interested in joining the world-leaders in the industry, or you are currently operating a business and are looking to expand, a Global Licensing or Franchise in Australia could be the best decision you can make. Please contact or call 07 5597 7749 for more information.