6 Tell-tale Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Cleaning ASAP

Regularly cleaning and sanitising your air conditioner is important for overall efficiency and function. Plus, it will help remove the dust and dirt, mould and mildew that builds up deep within the machine, spreading germs and allergens through your environment. There are a few tell-tale signs your air conditioner needs a clean ASAP:

  1. The external vents are covered in mould and mildew.

If you can see mould on the external vents, when the air conditioner is on, it’s definitely time for a thorough clean and sanitise. By the time this microbial contamination can be visibly seen on the external vent, the inside of the machine is most likely riddled with mould and its harmful spores.

  1. The filter is covered in dust and dirt build-up.

This build-up of microbial contamination prevents your air conditioner from running at its optimum level. A dirty filter is often the first obvious sign an air conditioner needs cleaning, and it should be cleaned every 3 months if used regularly. It is possible to DIY when it comes to the filter, however you should always exercise caution when cleaning components of electrical devices. A dirty filter spreads that dust throughout the air, which can be troublesome for those suffering from allergies.

  1. It’s blowing hot air when it should be cold.

Many people rely on their air conditioners to provide year-long comfort for their home or office, so when it just doesn’t do as good a job at cooling the room as you’re used to, it’s frustrating. The first step to fixing this problem is a thorough clean as the air conditioner is likely struggling to operate efficiently. On occasion, it may be a refrigerant leak, but this tends to be a relatively uncommon problem.

  1. The unit is ‘huffing’, ‘wheezing’ or rattling.

Any unusual noise coming from your air conditioner should always be investigated. These noises tend to get worse if the problem isn’t resolved. A fan, bolt or panel may be loose, or the fan may have become unbalanced due to dust collecting on it. The coil fins may also need a clean out. Getting to the bottom of this problem ASAP is important.

  1. There’s a pungent smell coming from the air conditioner.

Air conditioners have a drain pan that can get clogged up, resulting in mould and mildew growing and releasing their familiar musty smell. Sometimes, this water, and dark space becomes tempting for small animals, such as lizards, which then get stuck and decompose, adding to the smelly situation. This is a definite time for a HydroKleen.

  1. It’s been over 12 months since it was last cleaned.

You may not notice any of the previous signs that should trigger a clean and sanitise, but let us assure you, if it’s been over 12 months since a clean, your air conditioner will be harbouring, dust, dirt and microbial contamination. Recirculating these allergens through the air can make all of us feel sniffly and sick, not to mention the additional electricity costs of running an inefficient air conditioner!

To get your air conditioner back to functioning efficiently and effectively, contact your local HydroKleen specialist. They’ll look after the above issues in line with our incredible service guarantee and your air conditioner will thank you for it!  1300608 318

HydroKleen: The World Leader in Cleaning & Sanitization of Air Conditioning Systems

HydroKleen clean air conditioners and heat pumps Australia-wide. We are the air conditioning cleaning experts. We specialise in one thing and we do it well. Air cons need to be regularly cleaned as they can harbour a variety of organisms such as mould, mildew, fungi, bacteria and human DNA, (skin cells), which can make you and your family sick.

Your air conditioner is the best way to beat the heat, providing wonderful cool air no matter what the temperature is outside, but unless you keep it properly cleaned you could be breathing in all sorts of microbial contaminants.

HydroKleen offers a comprehensive air conditioning cleaning servicing. We specialise in cleaning and sanitising split systems, ceiling cassette units and even ducted. After a HydroKleen your air is fresh and healthy, reducing sickness and helping you live a healthier life. Our cleaning agents and cleaning process have been exclusively approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program.

HydroKleen is perfectly positioned in a rapidly growing market that affects every single person in Australia and throughout the world – Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency.

If you are currently operating an air conditioning, refrigeration or electrical business and are looking to expand, or just want to commence your entrepreneurial journey, a HydroKleen franchise could be the best decision you can make.

We provide all of our Franchise Partners with comprehensive technician training, as well as administration and sales, so that you too can become involved and bring this exceptional service to your local market. You will be given ongoing support and training through monthly contact with our Support Office.

The 10 best reasons to choose the HydroKleen Business system

  • Inventors of the Low-pressure WET WASH system
  • World Leader in Hygiene Best Practice Standards
  • The only company in the world to design and manufacture specialised equipment to clean ductless air conditioning systems
  • Specialised training in Ductless air conditioning cleaning and Business Systems
  • Comprehensive Support System
  • Globally Branded in over 40 countries
  • 9-point 100% money back consumer guarantee
  • Exclusive Partner of the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program
  • Extensive ongoing Research & Development
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Environmentally friendly company

Established in 2009, HydroKleen Franchisees have expanded throughout Australia and across the globe, (through overseas licensees). This has firmly established the HydroKleen System as being the market leader in the air conditioner cleaning industry worldwide.

For more information email service@hydrokleen.com.au or call 1300 608 318

Reduce Asthma & Allergy Triggers

With warmer weather just around the corner, now’s the time to think about spring cleaning. If you are one of the two million Australians with asthma, this is an especially important time of the year.

Over the winter months dust, dirt and allergens such as mould can build up in your home, triggering allergy symptoms and asthma in susceptible people.  An effective way to manage this is by spring cleaning, which will reduce triggers in the home.

People with asthma can benefit from a spring clean more than most. A thorough once-over of your home helps control both indoor and seasonal allergens.

With more than eight in 10 people suffering from asthma also being affected by allergies, a clean and healthy environment is an important part of reducing asthma and allergy triggers.

You won’t completely eliminate allergens, but there are many ways to reduce exposure for you and your family.  Those with asthma and allergies also needed to consider their cleaning products, technique and ventilation to ensure that any spring cleaning doesn’t contribute to their asthma and allergy symptoms.

You don’t want to just move dust around and send allergens and irritating cleaning chemicals into the air – this could have an adverse effect.

There are many ways to help eliminate allergens in the home this spring. Use a damp cloth to dust hard surfaces; change or thoroughly clean filters in vacuums, air-conditioners and air purifiers; vacuum drapes and upholstery; and importantly, remove mould.”

Top tips for spring cleaning to help keep your allergies and asthma under control:

  • Get rid of old clutter.
  • Clearing out your old belongings reduces dust significantly. Store everything in closets and drawers to minimise dust collection.
  • Dust forgotten surfaces. Over the winter months, dust will have collected on windows, blinds, curtain rails and skirting boards. Use a damp cloth to clean these areas and then rinse it out well. Don’t fluff the dust up into the air by using a feather duster though; this just distributes dust around the home.
  • Vacuum thoroughly. If possible, ask someone else to do the vacuuming, as this increases allergens in the air for up to 20 minutes. Use a quality vacuum cleaner that removes particulate matter (these often have HEPA filters)
  • Remove dust mites from bedding. Ensure that bedding, sheets, pillow-cases and quilts are washed (at greater than 55°C) at least once every two weeks. Encasing the mattress and pillows in protectors will stop the transfer of dust mites.
  • Clean drapes and upholstery. Because allergens cling to soft surfaces, it’s essential to wash, dry-clean or vacuum drapes, as well as vacuum sofas and chairs to remove lingering allergens, and wash or dry-clean throw rugs. Vertical blinds or roller shades are less likely to accumulate dust than drapes.
  • Change or clean old filters in air-conditioners and get a HydroKleen, vacuums and air purifiers. Keep the air coming into your house clean and fresh.
  • Clean up after pets. If you have a pet who has spent a long winter indoors, vacuum your pet’s sleeping quarters well. Wash the pet’s bedding frequently.
  • Remove mould. Mould is a significant and sometimes overlooked trigger of asthma. After removing mould, take steps to prevent it coming back such as sealing bathroom leaks and treating rising damp as soon as it’s detected.

Allergen avoidance doesn’t cure asthma, but by reducing your exposure to allergen triggers you may improve your asthma control and help make symptoms easier to manage.

A healthy environment at home is so essential, and how clean your air conditioner is a crucial factor in the environment of your home. If you are sensitive to dust, mould, or pollen, make sure to have clean and safe air to breathe at home.

HydroKleen is the world leader in the cleaning and sanitising of air conditioning systems and Hygiene Best Practice Standards.

HydroKleen has professionaly trained Technnicians all over the world (in 40 countries) using the HydroKleen cleaning system. We have a consumer guarantee like no other (check it out at hydrokleen.com.au) and we are an Exclusive Partner of the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice Program (sensitivechoice.com).

Booking in your clean is simple – call 1300 608 318.

Change Your Lifestyle by Starting a Business

It can be frightening to start a business, but great rewards are waiting for entrepreneurs fortunate enough to take the plunge and start a business. Starting a business can give you benefits. You can only decide if you are willing to quit your job and plunge into running your own business.

Business success can sometimes come at a high cost. Getting up and running your company can consume most of your time and energy, including your valuable evenings and weekends.  Choosing a franchise means all the business systems and processes are already done for you and you can hit the ground running.

Here are four reasons why you need to start a business of your own:

  1. Starting a business can help you become independent and flexible. You’ll work for yourself with more freedom and independence. Once your business starts running smoothly, you are likely to have the flexibility. For instance, you will have time to be with your family or hobbies.
  2. Running a business will give you a remarkable sense of personal fulfillment. It can be more enjoyable and fulfilling to own and run your own company than to work for someone else. Many successful small business owners discover that they appreciate their peers’ respect for having the bravery to go out alone.
  3. You can build social relations. Entrepreneurs interact with their customers, and when you own a business, you get to meet many people who will possibly do more business with you. Having a business helps you have the chance to give back to your community. When your company operates well, you can create jobs for your community. This way, you are not only building professional relations by dealing with customers, but you can also help more people.
  4. You can follow your passion. Many businesses start by desire—what the owners feel like doing and what makes them happy. Many companies are associated with the owner’s hobbies. When you decide to start your own business, you get the chance to consider what you want, how to do it, and when to start.

Are you really fulfilled at work? Are you valued and fairly rewarded for your hard work? Maybe it’s time you considered something different…

HydroKleen Australia is a reputable and market leading Ductless Air Conditioning cleaning franchise with 10 years experience in proven and tested Franchise Systems.  Make an enquiry about joining the HydroKleen Team and start your adventure now!  service@hydrokleen.com.au or 1300 608 318

Can You Get Sick from Mould in Your House?

There’s nothing more crucial to good health than the air you breathe. Creating a healthy environment for your family on a day-to-day basis helps with maintaining your family’s health. However, when the air that you breathe in your home is contaminated, your family’s health is at stake.

Every time you turn your dirty air conditioner unit on, it’s spreading mould spores and bacteria into the air and exposing you to potential serious health issues. Mould may make your family vulnerable to chronic illnesses as well.

Mould is a fungi that commonly grow on organic matter and are often associated with decay. Mould thrives in a moist and humid environment. In your homes, air conditioners provide a perfect living condition for mould to grow. The process through which an air conditioner works relies on the air inside your home being sucked into the air conditioner unit.

The kind of mould that lurks in air conditioner units are not friendly unlike the mould that some cheese rely for flavour and texture. Mould spores grow inside the air conditioner unit and reproduce and then are released into the air.

Some people are sensitive to mould. A person may feel nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing, eye irritation and in some cases, skin irritation.

Inhaling air contaminated with mould can inflame the airways that can cause nasal congestion, wheezing, and chest tightness. Moreover, prolonged exposure to contaminated air can reduce lung function and cause health problems like asthma.

Mould are microorganisms and signs of contamination may not be visible, however, one of the first signs that mould is present is a musty or funky smell when your air conditioner is functioning. If you and your family experience the mentioned symptoms of sickness above, have your air conditioned checked and cleaned by your local HydroKleen Technician to ensure that there is no mould hiding in the coil and barrel fan.  Cleaning your filters is just not enough!

A healthy environment at home is so important and how clean your air conditioner is an important factor in the environment of your home.

HydroKleen is the world leader in the cleaning and santising of air conditioning systems and Hygiene Best Practice Standards.  In fact, we invented the wet wash system and a designed a machine (manufactured in Australia) that is, fit for purpose, yes, its sole purpose to clean air conditioning systems.

HydroKleen has professionaly trained Technnicians all over the world (in 40 countries) using the HydroKleen cleaning system.  We have a consumer guarantee like no other (check it out at hydrokleen.com.au) and we are an Exclusive Partner of the National Asthma Council Australia‘s Sensitive Choice Program (sensitivechoice.com)

Booking in your clean is simple – call 1300 608 318 or email service@hydrokleen.com.au.