Make Your New Year Filled Fresh Air and An Efficient Air-Conditioner

A new year is upon us! You have likely made promises to yourself. You may have written your New Year’s resolutions. Since we are two weeks into the New Year, how many of those resolutions have you started? Most often than not, people add their health priorities as one of their New Year’s resolutions. You may want to accomplish a personal goal, change an undesired trait, or improve your life. However, have you added starting the year and continuing the rest of 2021 with “fresh air”?

Your attention may have been piqued on how fresh air can be a part of your New Year’s resolution. Looking at your 2021 New Year’s resolution, what changes are you planning about your health? You may have listed down things to change on your diet, eat more healthy foods, and exercise more often but you may have forgotten another important factor in your health: clean air.

When your air-conditioner is dirty it holds debris and pollutants that can circulate in your home. If you breathe in polluted air, the pollutants enter your lungs which can get into your bloodstream. This may lead to cause mild to severe health problems. It can even trigger asthma attacks which impacts on your quality of life.

The Importance of Regular Air Conditioner Cleaning  

As the hygiene consciousness continues, more people spend their time indoors. They are exposed to indoor air more often than they used to. This means that you are mostly using an air conditioner within your home.

Cleaning your air conditioner allows it to become more efficient as it reduces the pressure and stress that the dust build-up puts on your unit. When your air-con is clogged and dirty, the normal airflow is impeded which makes your unit work harder than it should.

Aside from increased efficiency, a clean air conditioner will ensure that the air circulating inside your home will stay clean and healthy. Having a dirty unit will only provide a breeding ground for bacteria and mould to thrive. If this is the case, whenever you turn on your air conditioner, these unhealthy particles are blown into your home which contaminates the air. This exposes you and your family to possible asthma, allergy, and even respiratory problems.

It is important to start your year right with your New Year’s resolutions and fresh air. Ensure healthy air quality in your home by having your air conditioner professionally cleaned.

All HydroKleen Technicians use fit for purpose cleaning equipment and are professionally trained and certified HVAC Wet Wash Specilaist Technicians.  They clean to an industry guideline (ACWWA).

HydroKleen is an Exclusive Partner of the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program with a cleaning agent that is asthma and allergy approved.

With a peace of mind 9 Point Guarantee, you can be assured that if you are not completely satisifed with your clean, the clean will be free.

With over 10 years of industry knowledge and experience, always choose the Brand you can trust – HydroKleen.

Look Before You Leap When Hiring Your Air Conditioner Technician

When you are engaging someone to clean your air conditioners, and they say, “WE DO THE SAME AS HYDROKLEEN,” there is a 100% chance they don’t unless, of course, they are a HydroKleen Franchise Partner.

The word ‘HydroKleen’ is a registered trademark, which means that people who are not HydroKleen Certified cannot say they do the same as HydroKleen. The moment someone claims to be HydroKleen Certified, this implies they will receive the same level of service as does a HydroKleen customer – that’s not the case, and here is why ….

  • HydroKleen provide a superior quality Wet Wash clean of your Split System Air Conditioner using ‘fit for purpose’ equipment to ensure that you and your family will Breathe Healthy Air™. This cleaning equipment was specifically designed to clean air conditioners, is Australian Made and manufactured in Queensland.
  • HydroKleen Franchise Partners/Technicians are professionally certified and trained HVAC Wet Wash Specialists and clean to strict industry Guidelines set by ACWWA.
  • HydroKleen is the only company approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Programme to clean and sanitize Ductless air conditioners to their strict hygiene guidelines. The cleaning agents and cleaning processes of HydroKleen are asthma and allergy approved.
  • HydroKleen offers a 9-point written guarantee that gives the consumer a 100% money-back guarantee if they are not satisifed with HydroKleen.
  • HydroKleen is a trusted and respected Brand with over 10 years of industry knowledge – experience you can trust.
  • HydroKleen is the World Leader in Air Conditioning Cleaning, and a Global Brand, with Licenses in 40 countries and growing.

So, if the person you are looking to engage cannot tick any or most of those boxes – they will certainly not clean your air conditioner to anywhere near the standard that a trained HydroKleen Technician can.

HydroKleen should be your brand of choice.

Call today on 1300 608 318 to book in your clean.

Why Trust HydroKleen to Clean Your Air Conditioner?

Did you know that the air inside your home can make you and your family sick?

If you think that pollution is only restricted to roads and outside areas, then you are wrong! Pollution also happens inside your home and your indoor air quality is compromised.

Indoor air pollution is an environmental threat to us. Indoor contaminants may include dust mites, mildew, mould, bacteria, fungi, human skin cells, tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, and animal dander.

Why Is It Important to Clean Your Air Conditioner Regularly?

Every time the air conditioner pumps air, these microbes are pulled inside your AC unit. In due course, they will build up, be dispersed throughout your home, and trigger allergy and asthma symptoms, making you and your family sick.

To avoid the perils of poor indoor air quality, these microbes should be removed, cleaned, and controlled. This will protect your family and make your home comfortable and reduce your system’s energy consumption.

The best way to remove and prevent microbial contamination of your air conditioner and benefit from healthy indoor air quality is with a HydroKleen clean and sanitise.

Your Role in Keeping Your Air Conditioner Clean

A dirty air conditioner may be the root of all healthy and efficiency problems. As a homeowner, it is important to keep your AC unit clean and efficient. Cleaning your air filters every three months is one way for you to DIY your AC unit. But this is not enough because this is just a basic maintenance.

When it comes to the unit’s internal components, such as the Coil, Barrel Fan, and Drain, it is highly recommended to hire a certified technician who uses equipment specifically designed to clean AC units.

The Role of HydroKleen in Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

#1 HydroKleen Technicians Use ‘Fit for Purpose’ equipment (specifically designed to clean Air Conditioners)

HydroKleen Technicians use a fit for purpose cleaning machine with a wand to maximize the cleaning and sanitising process, leaving your unit back to ‘As New’ condition. The HydroKleen cleaning agents and cleaning process have been exclusively approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program.

#2 HydroKleen Technicians Remove All Harmful Biohazards 

HydroKleen Technicians are ACWWA Certified HVAC Wet Wash Specialists. The certification guarantees that all harmful biohazards will be removed so that you and your family will Breathe Healthy Air™. It also reflects the company’s assurances that the job is being carried out by technicians with the proper training and equipment.

#3 HydroKleen Has a Leading 9 Point Guarantee

A good company comes simply from how it dealt with the problems. If you’re not happy with your clean, your clean is free, and they will pay for your air conditioner to be cleaned by a competitor if you are not satisfied.

Whether you’re living in an old home or have just bought a new one, it’s important that your home is cool and comfortable. To clean your air conditioning systems, book a professionally trained HydroKleen ACWWA Certified Specialist Technician now! 1300 608 318

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Creating a Healthy Environment for You and Your Family

The holidays are approaching. The Christmas and New Year holidays are coming. Have you planned how to create a healthy environment for you and your family in this jolly season? When it comes to improving our family’s health, you tend to focus on exercise, nutrition, and vitamins. However, you spend less time focusing on how your environment can affect your overall health. This Christmas season, you will spend a lot of time at home or indoors. It is important to figure out ways to create a healthy environment for you and your family.

Paying attention to your living environment has an effect on you and your family’s long-term health. Cleaning up and removing harmful toxins inside your home must be one of your priorities alongside nutrition and exercise. Every home is different and there are some aspects that are out of your control. However, you can make some easy tweaks or work with professionals to ensure a safer environment in your living space.

Here are some few tips you can use to ensure a healthy environment for your family this holiday season:

Declutter your Home

Your personal environment has a big impact on your health and emotional well-being. If there is clutter in your home, it can cause you stress. Stress is harmful as it can cause heart disease and lower your immunity to disease.

Check Your Water Tanks and Pipes

Always check your pipes if they are clean. Make sure that the water your family uses to drink, brush their teeth, or bathe with is clean. Get water filters and a water purification system to avoid drinking contaminated tap water.

Get An Air-Purifier

The first step to having good health is to ensure that you are breathing clean air. Air pollution has a significant effect on your health. Small particles have been linked to some lung issues and heart disease. It is advisable to invest in a high-quality air purifier to reduce the risk of any illnesses caused by polluted air.

Have Your Air Conditioner Professionally Cleaned By An ACWWA Certified Technician

It is pointless to have an air purifier at home if your air-conditioner is not clean. Always use a Technician that uses “fit for purpose” equipment used to specifically deep clean air conditioners.   A HydroKleen will clean your AC unit back to ‘As New’ hygienic condition under the ACWWA HVAC Wet Wash Guidelines for Ductless Split Systems. A Verification Seal will be affixed to your unit to confirm the clean has been completed to ACWWA’s Guidelines.

HydroKleen is an Exclusive Partner of National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice. We prioritize our customer’s well-being which is why we use asthma and allergy aware cleaning products.

Book your clean today on 1300 608 318.

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Make the holiday with your family a fun, exciting, and healthy celebration. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Director Sharon Jurd re-elected to Franchise Council of Australia QLD/NT Chapter

HydroKleen Australia is pleased to announce Director Sharon Jurd has been re-elected to the Franchise Council of Australia QLD/NT Chapter Committee for 2020/21.

Sharon is the Queensland representative for the Women in Franchising Committee and is passionate about the franchising industry and its future.

HydroKleen Australia is proud of its ong association with the Franchise Council of Australia, continuing to work alongside the Franchising industry giants and remaining at the forefront of the Franchising Industry.

A warm congratulations from the HydroKleen International Head Office team.