5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Cleaning

If you could see what we see, you would have already cleaned it. If you knew what you were breathing in, you would have acted sooner!  If you could see how much money you have been wasting on electricity, you would already be saving!

It is so important to get your air conditioner regularly cleaned and sanitised to support healthy and hygienic air in your home or work environment.

There are some common signs to be aware of which gives you warning that it’s time to book in a HydroKleen ACWWA Certified Wet Wash Specialist Technician including:

  1. The filter looks dirty, grey and dusty.

This build up of nasties stops your air conditioner from running as efficiently as it could, costing you money from higher electricity bills. Plus, a dirty filter spreads that dust and irritants throughout the air, which can be troublesome for those suffering from allergies.

  1. It’s not blowing as hot or cold as it used to.

It’s frustrating when you turn on your air conditioner and it just doesn’t do as good a job at heating or cooling the room as you’re used to. This is an obvious sign of an air conditioner struggling to work efficiently. If this is happening to you, it’s time for a HydroKleen.

  1. The unit is ‘huffing’, ‘wheezing’ or rattling.

Any unusual noise coming from your air conditioner should always be investigated. These noises tend to get worse if the problem isn’t resolved. A fan, bolt or panel may be loose, or the fan may have become unbalanced due to dust collecting on it. The coil fins may be full of mould and bacteria and need a clean out, and any other number of issues may have occurred that often a good clean and sanitise will resolve.

  1. The air from the air conditioner smells.

Air conditioners have a drain pan that can get clogged up, resulting in mould and mildew growing and releasing their familiar musty smell. Sometimes, this water, and dark space becomes tempting for small animals, such as lizards, which then get stuck and decompose, adding to the smelly situation.

  1. It has been over 12 months since it was last cleaned.

You may not notice any of the previous signs that should trigger a clean and sanitise, but let us assure you, if it’s been over 12 months since a clean, your air conditioner will be harbouring, dust, dirt and microbial pollutants that are harmful to your health.

To get your air conditioner back to functioning efficiently and effectively and you and your family breathing healthy, hygienic air, contact your local HydroKleen ACWWA Certified Wet Wash Specialist Technician. 

Our specialist technicians use equipment that is solely designed to clean air conditioners and our cleaning agents have been approved by National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program.  We’re the only Air Conditioning Cleaning Partner in this program!

The HydroKleen team always have your health and safety in mind and practise COVID-19 Safety procedures and requirements.

We make a difference to peoples’ lives EVERYDAY right across Australia and the World, helping people Breathe Healthy Air™.

If you would like to join the leaders in the industry and start your HydroKleen journey with a HydroKleen Australia Franchise or a HydroKleen Global licence, please contact service@hydrokleen.com.au or call 07 5597 7749 for more information.

HydroKleen Australia celebrates 10 Years of Successful Franchising in Australia

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love HydroKleen

We thought we’d share 5 of the reasons you’ll love your HydroKleen clean and sanitisation!

  1. Our Franchise Partners are all local business men and women, working to provide their customers with a great value solution, in a professional and friendly manner. It’s important to choose to work with people you like and trust, and the HydroKleen Franchise Partners are no exception!
  1. We’re Ductless Split System air conditioning cleaning and sanitising specialists using ‘fit for purpose’ cleaning equipment. This means we’re not a jack-of-all-trades cleaner who’ll vacuum the filter and send you a bill. As an ACWWA Certified HVAC Wet Wash Specialist, we’re certified and trained hygiene assessors in the specifics of Ductless Split System air conditioner cleaning and sanitisation. This leaves you, the customer, with a clean you can be confident in. It’s not just ‘basic maintenance’.
  1. Our unique cleaning system means no mess, a cleaner air conditioner and longer lasting results. As a result, you can expect a clean and sanitisation that eliminates microbial pollutants, such as mould, mildew, fungi and other assorted bacteria from your air conditioning unit. It means you will breathe healthy, hygienic air in your home or workplace.  We’re proud to be the Exclusive Partner of National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program!
  1. Lower power bills! A clean air conditioner won’t just give you cleaner air, it’ll also reduce the running costs. This is because dirty filters and coils means the machine must work harder to get to the desired temperature. We can save you up to 30% on the power usage for your air conditioning unit!
  1. A service guarantee that gives you complete peace of mind. If for some unlikely reason you’re not happy with your clean, we promise to give you that clean for FREE plus we’ll book and pay for the clean to be completed again by a competitor! We’re that confident in our HydroKleen systems that we’ll introduce you to a competitor if you’re not happy!

Now that we’ve convinced you that you’ll LOVE your HydroKleen experience, give our friendly team a call and book your next air conditioner clean and sanitise.  1300 608 318

If you would like to join the leaders in the industry and start your HydroKleen journey with a HydroKleen Australia Franchise or a HydroKleen Global licence, please contact service@hydrokleen.com.au or call 07 5597 7749 for more information.

Important Consumer Announcement – HydroKleen Australia continues to lead the way
Air Conditioner Wet Wash Association (ACWWA)

HydroKleen Australia is pleased to announce their membership of ACWWA as a “Provider” member.

HydroKleen’s membership of ACWWA confirms their commitment to the hygienic cleaning and sanitising of Ductless Split System air conditioners and improved indoor air quality for the consumer by cleaning to ACWWA Wet Wash Guidelines.

ACWWA’s mission is “That every ductless air conditioner is cleaned at least once a year, back to as new condition, in a safe manner by a suitable trained and qualified professional, using professional equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products for the good health and protection of the consumer of the conditioned air output”.

HydroKleen invented the Wet Wash cleaning system 10 years ago.  Their ongoing research and development of their equipment continues to offer the most effective and efficient way to clean Ductless Split System air conditioners.

HydroKleen Technicians have undertaken the ACWWA certification process and are now ACWWA Certified HVAC Wet Wash Specialists & Hygiene Assessors as per ACWWA’s HVAC Wet Wash Guidelines for Ductless Split Systems.

HydroKleen Technicians are professionally trained and qualified to clean Ductless Split Systems air conditioning units back to ‘As New’ using HydroKleen’s trade-marked fit for purpose cleaning equipment, cleaning system and agents to ensure consumers breathe healthy and hygienic air in the home or workplace.

As stated in the ACWWA HVAC Wet Wash Guidelines for Ductless Split Systems, the benefits of having an ACWWA Certified Specialist clean air conditioners are:

  • Removal of harmful biohazards including mould, skin, faeces, bacteria, dust and other contaminants.
  • Increase of energy efficiency – once contaminants cover the surface of your air conditioner components, the components can no longer function properly and air flow is restricted. Removing these contaminants will allow the air conditioner to again have full and free airflow to the star rating specifications prescribed by the manufacturer.
  • Reduce Power consumption – a properly functioning air conditioner will increase energy efficiency and reduce power costs.
  • Reduce fire risk – contaminants place additional load on the air conditioner as it works harder to achieve the desired temperature of the air conditioner.  Removing these contaminants allows the air conditioner to reduce the operating load on the electrical components, reducing fire risk.
  • Increase the life of the asset Contaminants forming over the surfaces of the air conditioner will decrease performance and increase the workload on the unit, resulting in reduction of the operating asset’s life expectancy.
  • And most importantly, healthy and hygienic indoor air in the home or workplace.

Your HydroKleen Technician will place an ACWWA Verification Seal on your unit to confirm the clean has been completed as per ACWWA’s Wet Wash Guidelines.

This gives the consumer confidence and reassurance that the clean has been performed to the highest standard available for the cleaning of Ductless Split Systems in Australia.

For more information on ACWWA, please go to www.acwwa.org.au.

What Should You Expect from an Air Conditioning Clean?

We recommend a HydroKleen at least once per year, to keep your air conditioner clean and sanitised. Why? Because simply cleaning the filters every once in a while (ideally every 3 months, if used regularly) is not a thorough clean. A filter clean should certainly be part of your overall maintenance schedule, but it’s not the only job to be done. For example, if only the oil is cleaned at your car service, that could be ok for a while, however eventually, it will need new spark plugs, tyres rotated or a new timing belt. The same rules apply to your air conditioning care. When it comes to getting a professional to clean and sanitise your air conditioner annually, this is what you should expect:

Before starting

Your technician should arrive on time and discuss with you how your air conditioner has been performing recently. They should be professionally trained and certified, industry experts who understand the necessary parts and functions of your air conditioner. Before they commence a clean, they should check the ‘chill factor’ and air flow.

Cleaning the filter

An air conditioner clean should certainly include a thorough clean of the filters. A household vacuum followed by a sponge and soapy water isn’t enough for your annual clean. A HydroKleen uses specialised equipment throughout the cleaning process.

Cleaning all air conditioner components

A professional clean should include a thorough clean of the scroll fan and surround, the coil, the drain, as well as dry clean the electrical components, such as the PC boards. The plastic fascia should be wiped clean, as well as the remote controls. Finally, we will clean your outside condenser unit if it is at ground level – condenser units that are on your roof or exposed to the elements are self-cleaning.

No mess

Choosing an air conditioner cleaning system that reduces the amount of mess made and always cleans up after the work has been completed is often overlooked. To us, it’s all part of providing that professional, reliable, clean service to our customers!

Final steps

Before your technician leaves, they should always check the ‘chill factor’ and the air flow for performance improvements. If there were any issues with your air conditioner, they should be noted and information provided on any additional steps you need to take.

Is there a Guarantee?

Finally, you should always check if the air conditioning cleaning company has a guarantee in relation to the effectiveness of their service. Do they guarantee to increase the ‘chill factor’ and air flow of the air conditioner?

If you’d like all this and more from your air conditioner cleaning company, talk to HydroKleen. All HydroKleen Technicians are certified ACWWA hygiene assessors and specialists in air conditioning cleaning and sanitising. We make it our business to give our customers the best air conditioning clean they’ve ever had!

If you would like to join the leaders in the industry and start your HydroKleen journey with a HydroKleen Australia Franchise or a HydroKleen Global licence, please contact service@hydrokleen.com.au or call 07 5597 7749 for more information.