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“Warning… Air Conditioners Can Be Silent Killers”

You are no doubt aware of the great benefits of having an air conditioner… the cooling breeze which allows you to escape the scorching heat of summer and gives you constant warmth in the depths of winter. However, this all comes at a price. Everyone knows about the need to clean the filters in air conditioners, though very few actually do it. What they don’t know is dirt, dust and DNA pass through the filters and there is a huge build up deep inside the air conditioner. Which means there is a whole community of mould, fungi and bacteria living inside your “trusty” air conditioner. All just waiting for the next time you turn it on, to be spread around again and again. It sounds disgusting and almost unbelievable! Dirty air conditioners cost more to run because the unit has to work harder to blow the air through the biological build up. They usually only last as long as the warranty and they circulate contaminated air into the environment. It doesn’t have to be that way!
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You see, once an air conditioning unit has been installed, most people forget all about it. Until they need to use it. Then it is just a case of finding the “on” button and nothing more. Occasionally, the owner may have it serviced as part of its warranty, but that is about it. However, have you ever thought about how clean it is on the inside? Don’t worry because most people haven’t either. People clean every nook and cranny in their building, vacuuming carpets, disinfecting surfaces to ensure their home or office is healthy and hygienic… but they never once look inside their air conditioner. And if they did they would be absolutely shocked! If you saw what we see in air-conditioners… we doubt you would ever see them the same way again.
Air conditioner technicians do a great job at servicing your equipment.
They will clean filters, check gas levels, check running pressures, check condensate drains, check heating, cooling and all other functions are working properly, check the condition of condenser coils, check airflow etc. and spray, wipe, and clean the exterior of indoor and outdoor units. It sounds like a comprehensive list and most people are satisfied with what has been done. Did you notice how many times parts are checked only? If this service was done on your car … would you be happy? Not likely! Just like a car, there are many parts which need to be cleaned and serviced thoroughly otherwise the whole unit stops working. And on a hot summers day, you don’t want to risk a break down… it just doesn’t bare thinking about! A quick spray and wipe doesn’t clean all of the dirt, dust and DNA which is accumulated deep inside your air conditioner over time. We tell our children “cover your mouth” whenever they sneeze or cough because it stops germs from flying through the air, yet our air conditioners blow germs around in the same way, and we never give it a second thought? HydroKleen has a unique way of thoroughly cleaning every part of your air conditioner. The air is so fresh you only Breathe Healthy AirTM. And the best part… it is simple and mess free. No one can tell we have been there. Apart from a sparkling clean air conditioner inside and out. Discover how easily you can start to Breathe Healthy AirTM again. To get started NOW simply enter your details in the box below to download the FREE “The Official Consumer Guide for Keeping Your Air Conditioner Safe and Efficient” (Valued at $97)

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