How clean air conditioners help keep a healthy home

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These days, the majority of Australian homes and apartments are likely to have an air conditioning unit. This appliance has become pretty much of a necessity rather than a luxury! Especially in a country as hot as Australia!


There are several advantages attached to having an air conditioner installed in your home. Cool air in hot summers and warm air on those cold winter nights. It makes your home more comfortable, which is priceless. However, the air, conditioners can also cause issues without us realising.


  • Increased energy consumption, which means high energy costs.
  • Poor air quality
  • Health issues


Having your air conditioner cleaned properly will improve the units efficiency and lower energy consumption. In addition, there is the health aspect.


One of the factors that contribute to a home’s overall health and safety is the quality of air in it. Needless to say, your air conditioning unit is very much involved in this issue, since it continuously pumps that cold and hot air into your living spaces.


We are all aware of air pollution, or poor air quality in general, and the different health problems that it can cause. Not many of us are aware that air pollution does not only take place outside of our homes, but inside of it as well. Yes, air pollution strikes indoors, too, albeit on a much less obvious scale.


How does that happen?


Throughout their lifespan, air conditioning systems develop dirt and grime inside their mechanisms. This happens on the filters, coils, fans and all parts of the unit. That being the case, whenever you turn you AC on, these dirty particles are blown into the room and are inhaled.


In small quantities, this won’t be huge issues, however excessive inhalation of these particles can result to a variety of lung and respiratory problems. These include minor breathing problems to more serious issues like asthma, allergies, and even some airborne related diseases as those caused by inhalation of bacteria and fungus.


By having your air conditioning systems, regularly checked, maintained and cleaned, you can avoid the occurrence of such health problems. It’s a simple measure to help make your home a clean and healthy place for you and your family and keeps your home free of dust, allergens and bacteria which can be harmful to health.


A professional air conditioning cleaner such as HydroKleen will be able to clean your units and help eliminate the build, providing you with clean air to breathe!

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