Meet Our Team

John Sanders


John started his first business in 1972 in High Pressure Cleaning. He continued his business ownership by diversifying into chemical distribution and a restaurant and then into Real Estate in 1984.

Sharon Jurd


Sharon started her working life in a real estate office in 1986 which was a part of a small franchise group, then became a Licensed Real Estate Agent in 1991.

Devon Williams

Administration Manager 
Devon comes from an extensive health and fitness background. What started as a personal mission soon evolved into a burning desire to help others improve their health in all areas of life.

Ferdz Altavano

Video Editor 
Hey there! I'm Ferdz Altavano, a passionate Multimedia Artist. Embarking on the journey of being a Multimedia Artist allows me to explore and express myself through various mediums.

Freila Villarubia

Content Writer 
Freila Villarubia is HydroKleen’s multi-faceted content writer who weaves words into captivating narratives. With a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail, she creates engaging content that leaves a lasting impression.

Ana Roxo

Industrial Engineer 
I am Ana Laura, an industrial engineer from Brazil, who has had the privilege of contributing to some significant projects for HydroKleen in Australia. Through my role, I have been fortunate enough to play a part in their success.

Zylsa Balogo

Graphic Designer 
I am Zylsa Balogo, Hydrokleen's graphics designer with a passion for creating visually stunning and impactful designs. With a focus on brand identity and marketing materials, I have been instrumental in shaping the visual presence of HydroKleen.

Genevieve Cubilo

Social Media Marketing and Management 
In the realm of Social Media Marketing and Management, few are as committed and creative as Genevieve G. Cubilo. Blending strategic acumen with creative flair, she is a master at sculpting engaging narratives and digital strategies that stand out in today's crowded social media landscape.

Kevin Briones

IT/Web Developer 
I am Kevin Briones, HydroKleen Australia’s IT/Web developer. I am passionate and creative web developer with a strong dedication to crafting exceptional digital experiences. With more than 10 years of hands-on experience in the field, I honed a diverse skill set, combining technical expertise with a keen eye for design.

Alyssa Marion Balonglong

Social Media Marketing and Management 
Aly, the dynamic and results-driven social media manager of HydroKleen, is a pro when it comes to creating impactful online strategies. She possesses an unwavering dedication to achieving great results. With her innovative approach, Aly has the remarkable ability to captivate audiences and make a lasting impact in the digital realm.

Christine May Marchan

Social Media Marketing and Management 
With over 3 years of professional marketing expertise across various social media platforms, I specialize in developing and implementing effective strategies to enhance online presence and engagement for businesses. With a strong background in digital marketing, I have a proven track record of driving results and maximizing brand visibility across various social media platforms.