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digital tools for lincensing
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In this digital age, information access and communication is getting easier with just a few taps or clicks on devices. Thanks to evolving technology, there are tons of apps or tools and other online resources that you can use in your franchise business.

Digital tools play a pivotal role in running and growing a business. Through websites, cloud-based communication, and other digital channels, you can reach customers, get into a new market, grow your business, or create jobs. So, get into the digital age to streamline your business process and communication. With plenty of apps or tools out there in the digital world, here are some that will come in handy in your franchise business.

  1. File-sharing and collaboration

Google Drive

Google Drive, the popular cloud storage service from Google, lets you store and sync your digital content on multiple devices such as computers, laptops, or mobile devices. It lets you share and collaborate with other people such as your franchisor, employees, and clients. With all your documents and files in one place, you can easily locate and access them wherever you are. Collaboration and brainstorming is easier, too, since you can share your files with others anytime and anywhere.

  1. Meeting & communication


Skype, now owned by Microsoft, is the world’s most popular VOIP (voice-over IP) and instant messaging service. It provides free text, voice call, and video chat features. You can use this app in communicating with your franchisor, employees, and clients.

  1. Building relationships


Accompany, now a CISCO-owned AI-driven relationship-based platform, is a free iOS app that focuses on finding new clients, drive sales, and build relationships. You can use Accompany to manage and schedule meetings, appointments, and events on a calendar. Through Accompany, you’ll get to know the person or company that you’ll be meeting, thanks to its Executive Briefing feature.

With Accompany’s Executive Briefing feature, you’ll get an email that provides important details about the person or company that you’ll be meeting up with. These details will include contact information, social media posts, news stories, or company financials.


  1. Freelancing / remote collaboration


Like other franchisees, you may go the unconventional route and choose to hire employees — those who can do administrative, marketing, short-term project, or other work — remotely. This is where Upwork comes in.

Upwork, formerly known as Elance-oDesk, is the world’s top freelancing platform. It lets you to virtually connect with competent freelancers who can provide short-term or long-term services. With the help of social media apps or chat apps such as Skype, you can easily connect with your hired freelancers.

You can use these amazing tools to help efficiently run your business, effectively communicate with others, or build strong relationships, and other vital business operations that will make your business grow.

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