Is It Flu or Your Air Conditioner Making You Sick This Winter?

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Can Dirty Air Conditioners Make You Sick?

Got a cough, runny nose, itchy throat? It might not be what you think!

As we begin to enter into the final weeks of winter, there appears to finally be light at the end of the tunnel. With the east coast of Australia experiencing a particularly freezing winter this year, many of us are very much looking forward to some warmer weather.

Winter, however, is not quite over yet. With single digit days still well and truly with us, we’re all doing our best to keep warm and avoid getting sick. Did you know, though, that the sickness you might be experiencing may actually have nothing to do with a cold, flu or even Covid-19? Most of us have performed a RAT test, only to be confused by a clearly negative result while we’re feeling sick.

When we get the sniffles, the first thing we often do is try to calculate our point of infection. Was it that workmate who’s eyes looked a little red or that barista who was clearly suffering from something? It can be hard to pinpoint exactly when and where you started feeling sick, however, the culprit might be right under your nose – or rather – above your head on the wall. Your reverse cycle air conditioner (which you’re probably using for heating right now) could be the cause of all your cold and flu like symptoms.

Problems Caused by Dirty Air Conditioners

Dirty air conditioner problems are more common than you might think, and the number one distributor of air conditioner pollutants are reverse cycle air conditioners. Efficient at spreading temperature controlled air through your home, they’re also efficient at spreading contaminants. This poor indoor air quality can cause a variety of problems for you and your family’s health.

If not cleaned properly, dirt, dust and, most importantly, mould (a form of fungus) are allowed to build up within your reverse cycle air conditioner. While it may not seem like that serious a problem – we’ve all seen a bit of mould on a slide of bread – the spores produced by these nasty organisms can have a serious effect on your health. There are a variety of different household moulds with varying levels of severity.

Once distributed around your home by your air conditioner, these particles work their way into the respiratory system of you, your children and even your pets. This can lead to the symptoms we often mistake for viral illness. Common symptoms of exposure to mould include:

  • Headaches
  • Red Itchy Eyes
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Stuffy Noses
  • General Respiratory Issues

Getting Your AC Clean And Ready for Winter

While professional cleaning is always the best option to keep your air safe, there are still a few simple things you can do yourself to keep your air conditioner clean.

A split system unit consists of two separate parts. The evaporter, which is the indoor component that you see on your wall and the compressor/condenser which is located outside. If your outdoor unit is located in an accessible location, a quick clean will do it a world of good.

Debris from trees, insects and animals can build up within the unit, requiring it to work harder to function. Not only will cleaning the exterior unit help to keep your air clean, but it can also allow it to run more efficiently, saving you money.

Don’t Get Sick – Get HydroKleen!

If you’re sick of feeling sick, we’re here to help!

Say goodbye to dirty air with HydroKleen today. We’ve got the solutions to all your dirty air conditioner problems.

Our team of fully trained professionals offer comprehensive AC cleaning services to get rid of all the harmful mould and debris in your unit. Specialising in split system sanitation and ceiling units, our team is ready and waiting, able to handle any job with the attention and care it deserves

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