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Dear Valued Customer,

We have communicated previously that HydroKleen Australia is a proud supporter and Provider member of ACWWA (Air Conditioner Wet Wash Association). HydroKleen Australia fully supports the ACWWA vision and objectives in influencing much needed change in our industry. All HydroKleen Technicians are ACWWA Certified Wet Wash Specialists and Hygienists.

Please see below a communication from the CEO of ACWWA Craig McShane.

Dear Consumer of Conditioned Air

ACWWA is an industry association that is committed to self-regulation within the Ductless Air Conditioner Wet Wash Industry. Our focus, simply put is to look after the interests of Consumers of Conditioned Air. Everywhere we go today, we see split system, ductless air conditioners in our homes, schools, health facilities, gymnasiums and the list goes on.

These systems, as most of you are aware are full of mould and bio-toxins which are not good for our health. Help us to help you in bringing about change in the way these are cleaned and when they are cleaned, done so in accordance with our wet wash guidelines.

Please like our Facebook Page at and/or go to our website and sign up as a Consumer Member, which is free at Facebook Page likes and Consumer Member numbers will give us the power we need to influence change in this unregulated industry.

Thanks so much for your time,
Craig McShane
CEO/Managing Director
M: 0407 742 317
E: [email protected]

Kind regards
Stuart Macdonald

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