How Regular Air Conditioner Cleaning Can Minimise the Spread of Infection

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The air conditioner is one of the best inventions known to man. Surprisingly, although it comes with a price, millions of people all over the world are willing to buy them because they prioritise comfort. However, owning an air conditioner comes with responsibilities. Just like a car that needs regular maintenance for it to function efficiently, the air conditioners you have in your home also need some TLC.

If you have neglected to have your air conditioner cleaned by professionals for a while, there’s a very big chance that it could harbour a year’s worth of dust and dirt. Not only could this clog your air filters and affect its ability to cool your homes, large amounts of accumulated dirt and dust also provide a breeding ground for mould and bacteria to develop.

When you fail to have your air conditioners regularly cleaned, you are running the risk of circulating mould, dust, bacteria and other irritants in your home. Do you know why this can make you sick? When you turn your air conditioner on; the bacteria, mould and spores trapped inside your unit are spewed out and start to circulate within your home until someone in your family, including yourself, inhales it. When this happens, it’s likely you’ll get sick and the infection could spread to everyone in your household.

You can, however, reduce the spread of infection by having your air conditioners regularly cleaned by professionals. HydroKleen air conditioner technicians are trained to identify any issues with your unit that may be the cause for bacteria and mould growth. They also have the proper equipment to thoroughly clean your unit and rid it of dust and dirt. Regular removal of dirt and dust through scheduled air conditioner cleaning will prevent mould accumulation and ensure that your air conditioner runs smoothly.

To prevent the spread of infection, the best solution is to have your air conditioners cleaned regularly.

At HydroKleen we are committed to ensuring your air conditioning systems are free of mould. At HydroKleen we specialise in cleaning and santising air conditioners to remove organisms such as bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew that can make you and your family sick.  Our comprehensive air conditioning cleaning service will make sure that the air you breathe is fresh and clean to reduce the probability of sickness caused by organisms trapped in your air conditioners.

If you would like to know more about the HydroKleen System, please email our support office on [email protected] or visit our website

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