How to create better content for your customers

How to create better content-HydroKleen Australia
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Content engages and drives people to a product or service. In today’s era of social/online media, content is advertising, in the non-traditional way.

Content, however, should not always be about advertising products or services.

Content does put products and services out there and generates potential sales. Your focus, however, should be on creating original content that connects your business with and wins the trust of your customers.

Standing out from a multitude of online content … blog posts, videos, media feeds, or tweets … can be challenging. Who are your target customers? What idea or topic should be created that will appeal to your customers? What content type will attract and keep customers? These are some of the things that you need to ask when planning and creating your content strategy.

Who are your customers?

You may already know who your target customers are. But who are they really?

Gaining insights into your customers is the primary key in helping you create the content tailored for them and their needs, preferences, and expectations. Knowing them better ensures that you get the right message to them.

Actively communicate with your customers through interviews or surveys and encourage them to give their feedback. Doing this will help you know your customers on a much deeper level and build a strong relationship with them.

Where do your customers hang out?

Now that you’ve created your compelling content, your next step is to make sure your content reaches the right people. Where do your customers hang out online?

Research the social platforms and sites that your customers frequently visit – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other sites that are important to them. Share your content on one or two of these frequently-visited platforms and sites. This way, you’ll know that you’re spreading your message to the right audience.

Remember, where you post is equally important as the content that you share.

It’s essential that you understand what content works best for the platforms where you’re posting. You can share the same message to all media or platforms, but you will need to modify how you present it. Videos are perfect to draw people in on Facebook or Instagram. Short high-value content for your email funnel converts people from subscribers to loyal customers. Lengthy blog posts should be articles rather than a status on Facebook. Understanding the platforms help you decide on the best content to use – video, audio, written, or images – that will best fit your customers.

How will you know that your content works?

How do you measure your content strategy’s success? You track it! It’s all about traffic, or the number of visits to your site. When there’s high traffic to your site, it indicates that your content engages a lot of people, which would probably convert them to customers.

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