HydroKleen Australia – Open and Operating Right Across Australia

Dear HydroKleen Community,

As Australians, we are uniting to slow down the spread and ultimately eliminate COVID-19. Hand washing, social distancing, coughing/sneezing etiquette, and cleaning regimes – we must do all these to stop the pandemic! At the forefront of it all is making sure we look after each other in these ever-changing times – call family and friends and offer out your support when you can.

HydroKleen Australia continues to seek advice from the Government and Health Authorities. We continue to provide customers with the opportunity to Breathe Healthy Air™ in their premises by providing our Ductless Air Conditioning Cleaning service.

Getting your Ductless AC cleaned will remove ALL nasties – biotoxins, mould, bacteria and yes viruses like COVID-19. Why wouldn’t you have your AC cleaned and sanitised as an extra precaution – especially in the current environment?

We are open for business and operating as usual.

Our Technicians are fully aware of the health and hygiene requirements in relation to COVID-19. The safety of our Technicians and Customers is paramount, and our Technicians will:

  • practice Social Distancing
  • sanitize their hands before entering the premises
  • wear a mask and gloves at arrival and during the cleaning process
  • sanitize their hands as they leave the premises.

In addition to the increased measures we have put in place, all normal health and safety procedures are being followed.

As we have seen, the situation and information available to us changes on a regular basis. We will continue to monitor the situation and adapt if required.

Continue to stay safe, look after your friends and loved ones and heed the advice of authorities.

Kind Regards,

Stuart Macdonald