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Air Conditioner Cleaning Services
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Ever had somebody offer to “hydro-clean” your air conditioner? You might have even seen the phrase used in promotional material. The unfortunate fact is, many businesses out there choose to take advantage of HydroKleen’s globally recognised brand and benefit off our name. This situation is as detrimental to us as it is to you, our valued customers. When you’re made to believe you’re receiving our high level of service — and are not — it only results in wasted time and money. That’s why we make it our mission to make sure you’re as informed as possible, and able to make the right choice when it comes to cleaning your air conditioner.

So, What’s The HydroKleen Guarantee?

The guarantee we offer involves a list of 9 important points that we promise to fulfil for all of our customers. If you believe we haven’t lived up to any of the following points, you’re entitled to a full refund.
    1. We Guarantee You Will Receive A Comprehensive Clean

    HydroKleen stands by our products, practices and fully trained technicians. If you don’t think your air conditioner was cleaned thoroughly after our visit, you’ll be entitled to a full refund. In fact — we’ll even pay for a competitor to come clean your unit for you!
    2. We Guarantee You Will Be Treated With Respect
    Always professional, courteous, respectful and dressed appropriately, it’s important that our staff know how to conduct themselves when on your premises. We understand the trust that’s involved when inviting someone into your home and don’t take that lightly.
    3. We Guarantee We Will Be On Time
    You’ll always receive prompt, efficient service when you choose HydroKleen. On the off chance something does happen that’s out of our control, you’ll receive a courtesy notification and full explanation.
    4. We Guarantee We’ll Explain Everything
    There’s nothing worse than someone keeping you in the dark about what they’re doing, or using jargon that just goes over your head. Our technicians will explain everything they’re doing in easy to understand terms so you’ll know what you’re paying for.
    5. We Guarantee To Increase The AirFlow Of Your Air Conditioner
    Not only that, our comprehensive clean will also mean you can lower the temperature of your room more quickly and efficiently, saving you money on your power bill.
    6. We Guarantee To Remove All Mould And Bacteria
    There are a variety of illnesses caused by these dangerous organisms. If left unchecked, they’ll continue to grow inside of your unit and be spread around your home. 
    7. We Guarantee There Won’t Be Any Leaks
    If you notice any fluids leaking from your air conditioner within 12 months of receiving your HydroKleen, we’ll fix it free of charge. Duration of the guarantee may vary in different locations (depending on climate) — contact your local technician for more information.
    8. We Guarantee That Our Cleaning Processes Are Safe
    We don’t use any products that are unsafe for you or your family’s health. HydroKleen develops and supplies our own inhouse eco friendly cleaning agents and sanitising solutions.
    9. We Guarantee You’re Getting A National Asthma Council Sensitive Choice Program Approved Service
    HydroKleen is the only air conditioner cleaning service that’s backed by this national program and adheres to their strict guidelines. We’re also ACWWA (Air Conditioner Wet Wash Association) certified.

A Superior Air Conditioner Cleaning Service

HydroKleen exists in over 40 countries around the world. Employing over 2500 staff, our customers see the difference in our services and appreciate the steps we take to achieve a superior clean. When you’re looking for someone to clean your air conditioner this summer, look for a business that ticks all the boxes — and even a few you didn’t have on your list!
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