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certification of acwwa
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HydroKleen Australia is pleased to announce their membership of ACWWA (Air Conditioner Wet Wash Association) as a “Provider” member.

HydroKleen’s membership of ACWWA confirms their commitment to the hygienic cleaning and sanitising of Ductless Split System air conditioners and improved indoor air quality for the consumer by cleaning to ACWWA Wet Wash Guidelines.

ACWWA’s mission is “That every ductless air conditioner is cleaned at least once a year, back to as new condition, in a safe manner by a suitable trained and qualified professional, using professional equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products for the good health and protection of the consumer of the conditioned air output”.

HydroKleen invented the Wet Wash cleaning system 10 years ago.  Their ongoing research and development of their equipment continues to offer the most effective and efficient way to clean Ductless Split System air conditioners.

HydroKleen Technicians have undertaken the ACWWA certification process and are now ACWWA Certified HVAC Wet Wash Specialists & Hygiene Assessors as per ACWWA’s HVAC Wet Wash Guidelines for Ductless Split Systems.

HydroKleen Technicians are professionally trained and qualified to clean Ductless Split Systems air conditioning units back to ‘As New’ using HydroKleen’s trade-marked fit for purpose cleaning equipment, cleaning system and agents to ensure consumers breathe healthy and hygienic air in the home or workplace.

As stated in the ACWWA HVAC Wet Wash Guidelines for Ductless Split Systems, the benefits of having an ACWWA Certified Specialist clean air conditioners are:

  • Removal of harmful biohazards including mould, skin, faeces, bacteria, dust and other contaminants.
  • Increase of energy efficiency – once contaminants cover the surface of your air conditioner components, the components can no longer function properly and air flow is restricted. Removing these contaminants will allow the air conditioner to again have full and free airflow to the star rating specifications prescribed by the manufacturer.
  • Reduce Power consumption – a properly functioning air conditioner will increase energy efficiency and reduce power costs.
  • Reduce fire risk – contaminants place additional load on the air conditioner as it works harder to achieve the desired temperature of the air conditioner.  Removing these contaminants allows the air conditioner to reduce the operating load on the electrical components, reducing fire risk.
  • Increase the life of the asset Contaminants forming over the surfaces of the air conditioner will decrease performance and increase the workload on the unit, resulting in reduction of the operating asset’s life expectancy.
  • And most importantly, healthy and hygienic indoor air in the home or workplace.

Your HydroKleen Technician will place an ACWWA Verification Seal on your unit to confirm the clean has been completed as per ACWWA’s Wet Wash Guidelines.

This gives the consumer confidence and reassurance that the clean has been performed to the highest standard available for the cleaning of Ductless Split Systems in Australia.

For more information on ACWWA, please go to www.acwwa.org.au.

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