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Established in Australia in 2009 with over 30 franchisees in Australia and now in over 40 countries, HydroKleen Global offers a comprehensive air conditioning cleaning and sanitizing solution specializing in split systems, window and ceiling cassette units, and even small ducted systems.

Our trademark design system effectively tackles and addresses the reason why people should keep their HVAC systems clean, providing healthier air, lower power bills, and a longer unit life.

With a massive demand for ductless air conditioning systems increasing across the globe the opportunity is available to build the HydroKleen brand in your location, either through a license or a master license model.

HydroKleen Global provides limitless opportunities for entrepreneurial minded people who see the challenge of creating a successful business in cleaning and sanitising them. Alternatively, if you are already in the air conditioning or cleaning industries, there is an existing pipeline of work awaiting you.

When you join HydroKleen Global, you will be given our best practice equipment package and access to all our resource and training information successfully formulated and used over the last 10 years. You can recreate and achieve the business and financial success our franchisees and licensees already do.

Once you have reviewed the full information pack if you are ready to proceed please schedule a call in the calendar to book a meeting with the CEO to discuss your needs further.

Our HydroKleen Equipment Package (HEP) and 10 year Non-Exclusive License Agreement has been developed to accommodate both a ‘start up’ business or as an addition to an existing business. This is a complete business system, with all the hard work having been done for you!

The Complete HydroKleen Business System

The Premium HydroKleen Equipment Package (HEP) Details:


The investment for a HydroKleen Equipment Package is 


€13,995 EUR

Freight costs of the HEP are additional.

 Disclaimer: HydroKleen Global reserves the right to change any of the above information or figures without notice.


The HydroKleen Complete Business System Provides Access To The Following:

Understanding our Licensing Options

  1. ML may choose NOT to appoint any other Licensees and employ their own staff to carry out the cleaning and sanitizing of AC systems across that country. This model has proven very successful in Bangladesh. 
  2. ML may appoint other HydroKleen Licensees/franchisees either on Non-Exclusive or Exclusive License Agreements using the traditional full Premium HydroKleen Equipment Package (HEP). This has been used successfully in Canada. 
  3. ML may appoint non-Exclusive or Exclusive Licensees using the HydroKleen Mini Package (HMP) – The HMP package is a very scaled down version of a HEP and is proving to be a popular way to scale your business very quickly.As the Master Licensee you are at liberty to charge whatever you wish as you will be aware of ROIs in your country that a potential Licensee/Franchisee can earn. It is important that your Licensees/franchisees can be profitable.

A HydroKleen Global license will only be issued to approved persons and only they can operate under the HydroKleen brand.

For Your Consideration

When you contemplate purchasing an Exclusive Licence, you may find the following to be a suitable initial arrangement:

You may choose to purchase a Premium HydroKleen Equipment Package (HEP) with a Non Exclusive Licence – with a special condition allowing you “first right of refusal” for your Exclusive Licence location with a 3 month moratorium. This will allow you to test the market to see if purchasing the exclusive rights to the location is necessary for your business needs. 

Your Exclusive location is yours to grow it as (profitably) as you can and as quickly as you chose – making sure you “establish” the HydroKleen brand as effectively as possible across that location.

Outside of COVID restrictions, we recommend you visit our factory and Head Office in Queensland, Australia, if possible. This will allow you to become much more familiar with what we do and who we are: It will also allow us to meet you and build a lasting relationship with yourself and your company. As travel restrictions are likely to be in place for some time, we are happy to connect with you via video conference call as needed.

We believe “good business, results from building good relationships.”


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Calculating Your Return On Investment

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Steps To Licensing Hydrokleen In Your Location

International Enquiry Form

Agreed to Confidentiality Terms & Conditions

Initial Video Consultation

To be scheduled

Compatibility Check

To be scheduled

Licence Agreement Signed

Purchase of your preferred HydroKleen license

Option for Exclusive Licence

Agreement acquired for Exclusive City or Country

Receive your equipment and start HydroKleening!

To start your HydroKleen Global business journey, schedule a call. 

Start or Grow Your Own Business with HydroKleen Global

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