Is Your Indoor Air Quality Poor?

Is the quality of your Indoor Air poor
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Indoor air pollution can lead to many health problems. Respiratory problems are the most common and mostly seen in young children and elderly people. If exposure to indoor air pollution is high, it may lead to some chronic ailments like asthma, bronchitis, and even heart disease.

People already inflicted with chronic diseases may be poorly affected by pollution. To alleviate problems caused by poor indoor air quality, we need to improve the indoor air quality within our homes as this can significantly reduce the frequency of colds, flu, asthma and allergies. This will improve our overall health and lead to a better living environment.

Air Pollutants in Your Home

The components in your AC system are comprised of electrical, mechanical, and electronic systems. These all work together in harmony to cool your home effectively, but if the system is dirty and poorly maintained, the AC system will circulate poor air quality. This could be primarily dust that could exacerbate breathing problems and trigger the onset of allergic reactions and other respiratory problems. There are areas within your Air Conditioner that are a perfect breeding ground for mould to grow. Breathing in mould has been linked to several health conditions.

Fixing the Problem

The best way to achieve fresher, cleaner, hygienic air is to clean and sanitise your air conditioner by a trained and certified professional who will remove harmful microbial pollutants like, dust, dust mites, grime, and mould spores.

It is vital to keep your home clean to ensure that dust and dirt don’t build up. This will prevent the dust from being sucked into the AC system, delivering the dust throughout the home. The ducts and vents should be kept clean to remove any surface dust and mould that may have grown there. This will prevent the mould spores from being circulated into your home.

Finally, it’s a good idea to get your AC system cleaned and maintained at the beginning of every heating and cooling season. This will ensure that your air conditioner is clean and ready to use. You can DIY your air filters, but when it comes to the unit’s internal components, such as the Coil, Barrel Fan, and Drain, they must be cleaned by a trained and certified professional.

Breathe Healthy AirTM.

HydroKleen Technicians are trained and certified Wet Wash Specialist Technicians, under the Air Conditioner Wet Wash Association (ACWWA).    Using HydroKleen’s trade-marked equipment, SPECIFICALLY designed to clean Air Conditioners, they will bring your Air Conditioner back to ‘As New’ condition.

HydroKleen’s cleaning agents and process have been exclusively approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program.

The HydroKleen Money-Back Guarantee will give you peace of mind that you are receiving the best clean possible.

Book today on 1300 608 318 and experience the HydroKleen DIFFERENCE.

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