Make A Wise Choice for Your Loved One’s Health

Make a Wise and Great Choice for your Loved ones Health
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Have you shown your appreciation for your loved one this Valentine’s day? Valentines is a day of love and appreciation. It reminds us that we are gifted with love and we have the ability to give love. What gift have you given your loved one? You may have showered them with many gifts but the question is, have you ensured that their indoor air quality is well taken care of? That may sound like a “goofy and funny” joke but forgetting your air conditioner’s cleaning and maintenance can have problematic effects on you and your loved one’s health.

There are many romance movies dedicated to Valentines’. A lot of it involves a love triangle where one person has to choose between options. He or she needs to determine which one would be the best for him or her as a lifelong partner.

Choosing between options is not only applicable in love. It is also applicable with your choices on how you maintain your air conditioner. You may be torn between doing it yourself or having a professional come and clean it for you. You must understand how one option is a better choice in the long-term than the other one.

Cleaning your air conditioner might sound as a difficult and unnecessary task for you. You may think that as long as your unit keeps your home cool, that means it is functioning correctly. That perception is wrong on many levels as sooner or later, you and your family will be seeing the effects of not maintaining your air conditioner.

Frequent maintenance of your air conditioner allows it to perform at its most efficient. A clean Air Con will reduce the pressure and stress that any dust build-up will put on your air conditioner. When your air filters are clogged, the flow of air will be hampered which makes your unit work more than it should handle. Not only will your indoor air quality is compromised, but your electric bill will also increase.

Hiring a Professional

Now that you are aware of the importance of a clean air conditioner, the question would now rely on whether you should do it yourself or have it professionally cleaned. Personally cleaning your unit’s filters is a good idea but relying on DIY cleaning is not beneficial for your Air Conditioner.

Below are the benefits you can get from HydroKleen’s professional cleaning service:

  • Certified & Trained Professionals

You may think that you have cleaned your Air Conditioner but as Air Conditioning cleaning professionals know, there is always something more in your Air Conditioner than meets the eye. One of the benefits you will get when hiring a HydroKleen certified and trained professional to clean your Air Conditioner is the fact that our Technicians have received extensive training. Watching a 2-minute Air Conditioner cleaning tutorial is not enough compared to the training and experience that our Technicians have undertaken.

  • Equipment Specifically designed to Clean Air Conditioners

It is hard to clean an air conditioning unit with just your hands, a towel, or a duster. It can clean your AC on the outside but the mould could still be thriving on internal parts, inside your unit. To achieve a proper clean and back to ‘As New’ condition, always engage a HydroKleen Technician who uses equipment specifically designed to clean Air Conditioners.

  • Respected & Trusted

With over 10 years of industry knowledge, HydroKleen is a known and trusted Brand, and in fact, the World Leader in the cleaning of Ductless Split Systems.  You can’t ask for more than that can you!   Our industry-leading ‘money-back’ 9 Point Guarantee provides you with peace of mind that you are getting the best clean in the market!

You may think that doing the cleaning yourself will save you money, it is better to rethink that again.

These are some of the reasons why people choose HydroKleen as their Brand of choice when it comes to getting their Air Conditioner Cleaned!

Call now on 1300 608 318 and experience the HydroKleen DIFFERENCE!

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