Make Your New Year Filled with Fresh Air from an Efficient Air-Conditioner

A New Year filled with Fresh Air
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A new year is upon us! You have likely made promises to yourself. You may have written your New Year’s resolutions. Since we are two weeks into the New Year, how many of those resolutions have you started? Most often than not, people add their health priorities as one of their New Year’s resolutions. You may want to accomplish a personal goal, change an undesired trait, or improve your life. However, have you added starting the year and continuing the rest of 2021 with “fresh air”?

Your attention may have been piqued on how fresh air can be a part of your New Year’s resolution. Looking at your 2021 New Year’s resolution, what changes are you planning about your health? You may have listed down things to change on your diet, eat more healthy foods, and exercise more often but you may have forgotten another important factor in your health: clean air.

When your air-conditioner is dirty it holds debris and pollutants that can circulate in your home. If you breathe in polluted air, the pollutants enter your lungs which can get into your bloodstream. This may lead to cause mild to severe health problems. It can even trigger asthma attacks which impacts on your quality of life.

The Importance of Regular Air Conditioner Cleaning  

As the hygiene consciousness continues, more people spend their time indoors. They are exposed to indoor air more often than they used to. This means that you are mostly using an air conditioner within your home.

Cleaning your air conditioner allows it to become more efficient as it reduces the pressure and stress that the dust build-up puts on your unit. When your air-con is clogged and dirty, the normal airflow is impeded which makes your unit work harder than it should.

Aside from increased efficiency, a clean air conditioner will ensure that the air circulating inside your home will stay clean and healthy. Having a dirty unit will only provide a breeding ground for bacteria and mould to thrive. If this is the case, whenever you turn on your air conditioner, these unhealthy particles are blown into your home which contaminates the air. This exposes you and your family to possible asthma, allergy, and even respiratory problems.

It is important to start your year right with your New Year’s resolutions and fresh air. Ensure healthy air quality in your home by having your air conditioner professionally cleaned.

All HydroKleen Technicians use fit for purpose cleaning equipment and are professionally trained and certified HVAC Wet Wash Specilaist Technicians.  They clean to an industry guideline (ACWWA).

HydroKleen is an Exclusive Partner of the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program with a cleaning agent that is asthma and allergy approved.

With a peace of mind 9 Point Guarantee, you can be assured that if you are not completely satisifed with your clean, the clean will be free.

With over 10 years of industry knowledge and experience, always choose the Brand you can trust – HydroKleen.

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