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Facebook connects people.

About 2.2 billion people, in fact, are actively on Facebook. This is why more and more businesses are using Facebook to promote their products and services, build lasting relationships, or generate leads.

So, get your business on Facebook, too. The benefits of having a strong Facebook presence are endless!

Facebook is one of the most powerful social marketing platforms available out there in the digital world. With billions of Facebook users, you are assured that your engaging messages or posts get across and are shared across a multitude of people across a wide range of demographics. You are assured that on Facebook, the right people can find you, get to know you, and contact you.

Facebook has a lot of tools that you can use to create marketing strategies for your business. For starters, there’s the Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups.

Create and strengthen your business identity via Facebook Pages

You can create your business profile using Facebook Pages, and it’s absolutely free! This will give your business an identity as well as strengthen it. When your existing or potential customers follow your page, they’ll get updates on what’s currently happening with your business. And your customers’ social media circle will likely follow your page, too. This widens your business’ exposure, and increases your leads. Not only can you share your business information on your Facebook page, you can also share videos, photos, and other activities, which will then feed to your followers.

Build your business around a group of people via Facebook Groups

When you want to target a specific group of people, promoting your business through Facebook Groups is the way to go. You’ll get to know the members and you’ll be able to interact with them on a much more personal level. The only disadvantage to Facebook Groups is, the information and updates that you share to your members will not be seen or shared with their friends or social media circle. This lessens your exposure and audience reach on Facebook.

There are a bunch of other things to like about Facebook.

Widen your audience reach through Facebook ads

Facebook lets you reach out and connect with a wider audience through its paid advertising option.  Boosting your posts with a paid social strategy will ensure that you reach all of your Facebook page followers, as well other specific audiences that you’ve set up in Facebook Ads Manager.

You can set up your specific audiences through filters in your Facebook ads. You can filter your audiences based on demographics such as age, gender, interests, net worth or income, and other filtering options that may be relevant to getting through to your target customers.

Stimulate interest through videos on your Facebook page

Registered users spend millions of hours watching videos on Facebook. What’s more, Facebook is rated as the “most impactful social medial channel for video, higher than any other social channelaccording to a study. Facebook is also described as a “versatile, robust video platform” that allows uploading of lengthy videos (up to 45 minutes long).

So, when you build your Facebook marketing strategy, make sure that you include interesting and inspiring videos to capture the interest of your intended audience.

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