Now’s The Time To Get Your Air Conditioner Cleaned!

Dusty Part of Air Conditioner
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As the winter months set in and the weather starts to cool down, most of us will be using our air conditioners a little less often. Reaching for a blanket or jumper instead of our air conditioner remote! This time of year can be a great opportunity to have your air conditioner professionally cleaned.

Protect Your Health With Clean Air

Dirt, dust and bacteria can build up inside of your unit, making you and your family sick. The accumulation of mould and fungus can have severe consequences when it comes to your health – it’s just not worth the risk. When we start to use the heating functions of our split systems again, the increased temperatures provide an ideal environment for growths like mould and fungus to flourish. Left unaddressed, they can continue to grow inside of your unit and be dispersed around your home whenever in operation. Causing chronic respiratory issues, cold and flu like symptoms and a wide array of other more serious health concerns.

Save Money With HydroKleen

Cleaning your air conditioner can even help with your power bills! Whether it’s used for cold air in the summer or hot air in winter, your split system unit might not be functioning efficiently. Dirt and debris inside your unit force it to work harder in order to change the temperature of the air it processes. If the blower fan is covered in dirt and grime, air velocity decreases dramatically. This causes the operator to turn up the fan speed or increase the temperature in order to feel its effects. Causing more power to be used than necessary.

HydroKleen Air Conditioner Services

Let HydroKleen save you money and rid your home of all these nasty particles with our industry leading cleaning practices. Our trained technicians will comprehensively clean your unit from top to bottom, following the HydroKleen 19 point checklist. You and your family deserve to breathe easy. Leave it to HydroKleen.
Give us a call on 1300-608-318 or request a quote online today.
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