Saving Electricity – how much can it save you?

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As electricity prices continue to rise exponentially, it’s no surprise people are afraid to open their power bill. Since electricity is such an essential service, many of us sign up with a provider without considering a more economical alternative. Fortunately, a cheaper power bill is only a few simple choices away.


The fact is many of us have energy-draining appliances which drive up electricity costs. When left unchecked, these appliances will drive up your bills without you noticing. However, by choosing energy efficient appliances and implementing energy saving strategies, your power bills will decrease significantly.


Air Conditioning

Before installing an air conditioning system, ensure you select the correct size for the room you wish to cool or heat. Consider the size of the room, the direction the windows face and whether the ceiling is insulated.


Select an air conditioner with a high energy rating. For every extra star, you can potentially save 15 percent on running costs.


Set your air con to the right temperature. Current Australian guidelines recommend 25c during summer and 18c in winter. Every degree cooler can add up to ten percent to the machine’s running costs – which can quickly add up.


Most importantly, subject your air conditioner to regular maintenance. If not regularly serviced, your air conditioner can become a breeding ground for mould, mildew, fungi and bacteria.


At HydroKleen, we offer comprehensive air conditioning servicing. After a HydroKleen, you will reap the benefits of clean, healthy air. Breathing healthy air will leave you feeling energised and reduce the incidence of illness in your home. A HydroKleen air conditioning service will do more than provide clean air. After a thorough service, your system will run more efficiently, translating to lower power bills.



While many don’t realise it, lights are among the heaviest power consumers in your home. Rather than living in darkness, there are simple steps you can take to dramatically reduce your power bills.


  •    Turn off lights when not in use
  • Install dimmers to adjust your lighting as natural light fluctuates
  • Paint your walls in bright colours to take advantage of natural light
  • Use windows and skylights to reduce the need for artificial lighting


Hot Water

Hot water heating is one of the most expensive items on your power bill. To prevent ‘bill shock’, here are simple changes you can make to reduce this cost.


  • By taking shorter showers (4 minutes is recommended), you can reduce water heating costs by 50 percent
  • Fix leaking taps as soon as possible. Just 60 drops per minute equates to 9,000 litres of wasted water per year
  • Install a low-flow showerhead – it could save you up to $200 per year
  • Position your hot water system at the place you use the hottest water (i.e. your bathroom, laundry or kitchen). This will save water and reduce heat loss through pipes.


Save on your Power Bill with HydroKleen

At HydroKleen, we specialise in cleaning and sanitising spilt-systems and ceiling cassette units. So, you can rest assured that a HydroKleen service will clean your air conditioner from the inside out. In addition to providing clean air, a regular HydroKleen and service of your air conditioner will cut the unit’s power usage by 30 percent.


By adopting these simple changes, you can look forward to drastically reduced power bills. You will have more money to enjoy life and do your part for the environment at the same time.



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