HydroKleen Brisbane South Testimonial




“Just to let you know we are more than happy with the work carried out by HydroKleen. The technician is wonderful to deal with and has been very helpful, making us aware of how important it is to have the air conditioners HydroKleened & sanitised.

Obviously the difficult part is convincing Landlords they need to spend the money to ensure tenants are breathing clean air and also the longevity of the air con units.

I have highly recommended HydroKleen to all my family, friends & business associates. ”

Property Manager, Krause Raciti Realty Pty. Ltd.

“We have now completed our second annual split air conditioning clean with HydroKleen. Over the past 16 months our call outs for blocked drains has been zero. As you can imagine this has been a huge saving in valuable time for our maintenance department and after hours onsite caretakers. We have had no breakdowns, apart from old units that required replacing so the savings have been huge when comparing repair costs to the years prior to commencing the annual clean with HydroKleen. Another positive has been a saving in our power bills with our now efficiently running systems.

We will continue to use HydroKleen on an annual basis and thank you for the professional service you have provided.”

General Manager, Seashells Broome

“I am one of the Directors of Bullbuck Pty Ltd. My family own and run a Transport Company in Port Hedland. We supply accommodation for our staff and family members (approx. 58 aircons on this site).

I believe that the cost of having you completely clean and deodorize each and every one of our air conditioners is well and truly offset by our savings of electricity. We also have 11 investment properties in Port Hedland which we have the air conditioners cleaned annually.

We believe that the cost of HydroKleening them, although not a saving on power bills, as that is the tenants responsibility, it does allow for a higher level of maintenance which means we get longer efficient use of each air conditioner and therefore do not have to replace them as often. Air conditioners work extremely hard in our harsh climate.

We know that the clean that you do on the air conditioners is far superior to what our local companies supply. They always look like they are brand new after your visit. After your last visit we had a few drivers complain that their aircons were running too cold, and that they had to raise the temperature in their rooms.

We look forward to your next visit.”

Director, Bullbuck Pty Ltd

“The thing I enjoyed the most about our HydroKleen experience was the friendly service. The benefits I feel we have achieved from having our air conditioners HydroKleened is knowing they are now germ free, clean and will last longer. HydroKleen’s Consultant was persistent and maintained contact with us. I would most definitely recommend as they were great and the service was excellent.”

Donna from Sunshine Beach Resort, Gold Coast QLD

“What I liked about HydroKleen was that they were friendly and efficient. Having our air conditioners HydroKleened means that there will be not as many problems in the future, they run better and are healthier. We used HydroKleen over other companies because of the price and standard of work. I would recommend them to resorts.”

Melissa from Mantra Wings Resort, Gold Coast QLD

“I like that HydroKleen come in and do the work and it’s easy. Since having our air conditioners HydroKleened we have clean air and no smells. We used HydroKleen because they gave a free demonstration so I saw it myself and realised the benefit, without seeing it I wouldn’t have. Yes I would recommend them to other property managers.”

Shawwal from Broadbeach Savannah Resort, Gold Coast QLD

“What I enjoyed most about HydroKleen was the professionalism and there were no issues. Our air conditioners had never been done and they cleaned the entire system, they are now more efficient. We had not been approached by other companies to educate us on the long term benefits of having clean air conditioners. We only use 5 star cleaners and HydroKleen are one of them.”

David from Seacrest Resort, Gold Coast QLD

“HydroKleen did a good job, were professional, clean and on time. Our aircons are very clean now and it was a mess less procedure. The benefits I see after using HydroKleen are cleanliness and what they did was effective. HydroKleen performed a free demonstration to show us what they do. I recommend them.”

Rodney from Carmel by the Sea, Gold Coast, QLD

“HydroKleen turned up when they said they would and did a good efficient service. Our air conditioners were cleaned properly! I haven’t seen anyone else that does a thorough clean and they had good marketing. I would absolutely recommend their services to other resorts! Keep doing what you’re doing being very polite, courteous and well presented HydroKleen.”

Lynne from Burleigh on the Beach Apartments, Gold Coast QLD

“I am grateful for Michael’s perseverance, because of this I accepted a free demonstration and was then fully aware of the HydroKleen system”.

Glen from Atrium Resort, Gold Coast, QLD

“The people from HydroKleen did a wonderful job of all the air cons in the shop and they are working fantastically as a result”

Manager for Choice Cardwell

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your constant support, encouragement and advice in helping us start HydroKleen Rockhampton. We are made to feel part of a team and have found you to always be very professional. We love the systemized approach HydroKleen offers and believe the HydroKleen franchise is a good fit with our existing businesses. We are experiencing exciting and prosperous times and look forward to future growth with HydroKleen”

Geoff Williams
HydroKleen Rockhampton

“I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the HydroKleen Franchise Group. From my first contact with HydroKleen I was impressed with how thorough and organised you were developing comprehensive systems and procedures. The transition into a multi franchise owner was easy having good communication given my remote location. I look forward to our continued growth together.”

Peter Jenkinson
HydroKleen Broome, Karratha and Port Hedland

“A very driven Franchisor who are fantastic at lifting their team of Franchisees. Open minded, even in the face of relentless feedback.”

HydroKleen Mid Tropics and Cairns