The Best Ways and Times to Ask for Customer Feedback

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Human beings are curious creatures and we have this inexplicable desire to find answers. However, there is one area of questioning that floods many business owners with anxiety and tension and that is asking for customer feedback.

Asking for feedback is never easy and even business owners agree that it is one of their biggest fears. Whether you like it or not, feedback is essential to the growth of any business because it is through this that you’ll know if there is a need to improve your product or service. Through feedback, you’ll be able to gauge how your business is doing.

It’s encouraging to know that you’re doing a great job if your customers offer positive feedback. And if there are customers who happen to be unsatisfied with the product or service your company offers then at least there’s still a chance you can do something about it.

The following are the best ways and times to ask for customer feedback.

  • Conversations

As simple as starting a conversation is enough to know what goes on in your customers’ minds. You can ask for feedback by sending them an email with a set of questions or you can simply call them.

  • Online Surveys

When creating online surveys, make sure that you have carefully thought-out questions to ask your customers.  You can send them a protected form using a word processing app or you can send them a PDF Form or you can send them forms that they can submit directly to your website.

  • Hard Copy Questionnaires

This may seem old school but it’s still as effective as virtual forms. Send hard copy questionnaires by having them mailed to your customers’ addresses. Make sure to include a self-addressed and stamped envelope to make it easy for them to mail their answers.

Timing is everything when it comes to asking for customer feedback. The best time to ask for feedback is when your customers talk to you about a positive experience they’ve had with your product. You can also ask them for feedback right after they’ve experienced your service. Another time to ask them for feedback is when they reach out to you via social media.

Businesses are always striving to improve their products and services because they know that doing so will lead to more customers. Improvements can be made once you know what your customers think about your product or service. You’ll have an idea what features to retain and what features need changing.

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