What is Indoor Air Quality and Its Impact on Health

What is Indoor Air Quality and its impact on Health
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Indoor Air Quality or IAQ refers to the air quality within and around homes and buildings. Indoor Air Quality relates specifically to building occupants’ health, comfort, and well-being, with poor Indoor Air Quality linked to different health problems. You and your family may experience the health effect of bad indoor air quality soon after exposure or years later.

The Effect of Indoor Air Quality on Your Health

Irritants and pollutants in the air have become common since the industrial revolution. In the present times, such irritants and pollutants have been decreased, thus improving air quality outdoor. However, air indoors is as important as air outdoors. If outdoor pollutants can cause several respiratory problems, indoor pollutants can do the same too.

Concentrations of pollutants are five times higher indoors, according to EPA. People who have pre-existing conditions, small children, and the elderly are at greater risk for experiencing health problems related to pollutants. These health problems include but are not limited to respiratory diseases, cancer, heart diseases, headaches, nose, eye, and throat irritation.

The Common Indoor Pollutants

One of the most common indoor pollutants is carbon monoxide. Cars are not the only ones giving off carbon monoxide, but also other things you can find inside your home. For example, a fireplace can release carbon monoxide into the air.

Another indoor pollutant is Mould. Mould can be found in places like bathrooms and your Air Conditioner, because of a high level of moisture. In addition, older homes may have paint containing lead and asbestos.

Other indoor pollutants include dust mites, bacteria, and outdoor contaminants that can travel indoors easily, like pollen.

Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Keeping your Air Conditioner clean is just as important as servicing your car or vacuuming your carpets! It is often overlooked yet a key component in how healthy and hygienic your Indoor Air Quality is.

Clean your filters regularly throughout the year, and book in an annual clean and sanitisation with a professional HVAC Cleaning & Sanitising Technician. Changing your filter regularly and an annual clean and sanitise will significantly reduce the number of pollutants within your home.

Maintaining your Air Conditioner regularly ensures that it is working at its optimum, reducing power costs and ensuring pollutants are removed so you and your family can Breathe Healthy Air™.

Choosing HydroKleen is choosing a professional Certified and Qualified Technician, using equipment specifically designed to clean Air Conditioners.  With No Mess, No Fuss and always On Time, National Asthma Council approved, and a peace-of-mind 100% MONEY-BACK Guarantee, you are assured you have the professionals on the job.


Electric stoves or gas stoves can release unwanted particles. This can be prevented if you turn on the vent above your stove to eliminate the pollutants.


Recently, people are switching to hardwood floors because carpets are known to hold respiratory irritants. If you have a carpet and rug at home, they should be deep cleaned on a weekly basis to ensure that majority of the unwanted particles are removed.


Plants have that same effect indoors as do trees purifying the air outdoors. Real plants have decorative uses as well as the benefit of improving the air quality in the home.  Essential oils are used in air purifiers as they can help purify the air we breathe also.

Indoor air quality has a significant impact on our health, comfort, and well-being. Unfortunately, our air quality is something that most people tend to overlook. If your Indoor Air Quality is poor, you are putting yourself at risk of health issues.

There are several things you can do to prevent experiencing these health issues. By following the tips above, your indoor air quality will significantly improve.

Talk to your local HydroKleen Technician today for a comprehensive review of your Air Conditioning Cleaning & Sanitisation needs.


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