What it means when your air conditioner is leaking water

what is the meaning of leaking water from air conditioner-HydroKleen Australia
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You rush to get indoors and out of the hot or cold weather. You want to get comfy, so you turn on your air conditioner but …. water is leaking out.

If this happens, turn off your air conditioner. Doing so prevents any damage to electrical parts or wirings, and possibly to your home or office.  The next thing that you should do is call a professional to clean your air conditioner.

Causes of water leakage from your air conditioner

Dirty filter

Your air conditioner’s filter traps dust, grease, smoke, and other pollutants or contaminants. It then discharges clean and cool/warm air out into your living or work area. Over time, the filter gets dirty and clogged.  This restricts the airflow, keeping the internal components from running properly, and causing water to drip off from your air conditioner.

Clean the filter regularly, preferably every 1-3 months, depending on the season. It’s wise to check the filter at the start of every month.

Want to enjoy clean air from your air conditioner? Make sure that you regularly clean the filter with soap and water. For tough-to-clean dirt on the filter, call a professional to clean it for you.

Clogged drain line

The drain line can get clogged with debris, slime, mould, or dust. This causes water to get stuck, overflow, and eventually leak from your air conditioner.

You need to regularly clean the drain line of debris, slime, or other gunk.

Frozen coil

Inside your air conditioner are tiny fins (commonly called the coil) which are a key part of your air conditioner.  These fins are where the air flows through your air conditioning unit.  If these fins get dirty, it limits the area of space for the air to flow through your unit.

Make sure that your air conditioner is cleaned of any dirt or particles. When your air conditioner is not cooling enough or there’s a hissing noise, it’s time to call a professional to check and service your air conditioner.

Get the professionals to do it

When you see overflowing amounts of water leaking from your air conditioner, then it’s time to get the professionals in. Get in touch with us, and we’ll send a professional technician to clean your air conditioner.

At HydroKleen, we have a team of specialists who are experts in removing organisms such as bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew in air conditioners. These are harmful toxins that are responsible for making you and your family sick.  Our comprehensive air conditioning cleaning service will make sure that the air you breathe is fresh and clean to reduce the probability of sickness such as asthma caused by organisms trapped in your air conditioners. Not only will you enjoy good health, you’ll also lengthen the shelf life of your air conditioners.

If you would like to know more about the HydroKleen System, please email our support office on [email protected] or visit our website www.hydrokleen.com.au.

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