When Do You Need To Change Your Air Filter?

Most people don’t really understand the importance of an air filter and the role it plays in keeping the air that’s blasting from the air conditioner cool and clean. As seasons and temperatures change and as people lessen the use of air conditioners, they may seem to forget that they still need to periodically clean the filter.

How do you know when it’s time to clean your filter? All you have to do is to look for the top three signs to know when you need to clean the filter.

  1. If allergy symptoms are surfacing.

If your loved ones suffer from allergies or asthma, they have to clean air filters more often since it is important for them to constantly breathe clean air. There are certain filters that are not only designed to keep dust and dirt from entering your air conditioner, but also to improve the quality of air by trapping harmful bacteria, tobacco smoke, pollen, and pet dander.

  1. If the room is dusty.

One way to know that your filter needs changing is to observe the room. Does it have a lot of dust on the walls, furniture, or the vents? When your air filter is dirty, it will be ineffective in removing pollutants and harmful substance that can affect the indoor air quality. If you don’t clean your dirty filter for months on end, it will eventually damage your air conditioner.

  1. The filter itself looks dirty and run-down.

The easiest way to determine whether your air filter needs to be cleaned is by looking at the filter. Does it have accumulated dust? Is it dirty? Generally, you will have to clean your filter every one to three months. Other signs to watch out for are other damages such as wrinkled areas, tears, and holes. If your air filter is damaged, this can compromise the air quality in your home.

Cleaning our air filter regularly shouldn’t be seen as a chore. Instead, it is an investment. If you’re not sure if your air filter needs cleaning, HydroKleen will help you with your answer.

At HydroKleen, we have a team of specialists who are experts in removing organisms such as bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew in air conditioners, these are harmful toxins that are responsible for making you and your family sick. Our comprehensive air conditioning clean will make sure that the air you breathe is fresh and clean to reduce the probability of sickness caused by organisms trapped in your air conditioners.

If you would like to know more about the HydroKleen System please email our support office on service@hydrokleen.com.au or visit our website www.hydrokleen.com.au.

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