Air Conditioner Cleaning Ipswich, and Brisbane West Regions

HydroKleen Ipswich and Brisbane West

HydroKleen Ipswich and Brisbane West

HydroKleen Brisbane West clean air conditioners in Ipswich, and all Brisbane West areas, such as Kenmore, Moggill, Booval, Forest Lake & Redbank Plains areas.

Do you have a leaking, mouldy or dirty air conditioner? HydroKleen will sanitise, clean and get rid of the bacteria, grease, mould and dirt in your air conditioner so you can breathe health air.

About HydroKleen
This is a deep cleaning, total wash, and sanitising of air conditioners using environmentally friendly, non-toxic products.

  • HydroKleen is the only air conditioning cleaning company in Australia that has the tick of approval from the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program.
  • Eliminates mould, bacteria, smells and dirt
  • Guarantees no mould returns for up to 12 months
  • Brings the unit back to looking like new

The Benefits of a HydroKleen 

  • A HydroKleen will sanitise your entire air conditioning unit with no disassembly. We clean all the working parts that are in behind your filters (fan, coil, drain) leaving it in ‘like new’ condition.
  • Increase the air flow of your air conditioning unit by up to 50%
  • Lower or increase the temperature more quickly by 2-4%
  • Up to 30% reduction in your air conditioner running costs – Ergon Energy cost benefit analysis reveals running an air conditioner for 8 hours per day 250 days per year the potential savings if professionally cleaned range between $165.00 to $536.00.
  • By having your air conditioner HydroKleened every 12 months you are maintaining your warranty and extending the life of your machine
  • We use environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning agents that leave your machine smelling fresh again
  • A HydroKleen will help reduce the risk of sickness and is highly recommended for allergy & asthma sufferers.

HydroKleen Brisbane West services Ipswich and all Brisbane West areas.

We have the unique advantage of being actively involved in the air conditioning industry. This means that while we are carrying out our amazing HydroKleen cleaning service we can identify any problems that your air conditioner may have. This may save you money on having to get someone else out to inspect the unit and by catching a problem early will also save you money.