Air Conditioner Cleaning for Sydney North Shore

HydroKleen Sydney North Shore clean air conditioners in the Sydney Upper and Lower North Shore region. Local experts in air conditioning cleaning.

Shane is a long-term Sydney resident who loves the hectic pace of life in the city. However, he noticed that Sydney produces a lot of air pollution, and this pollution ends up in homes and businesses. He feels that his previous position prepared him for the role of HydroKleen franchisee.

“Although HydroKleen is very different, the concept of removing bacteria, mould and germs from the immediate environment is the same. It’s almost a miniature version of the work I’ve been doing for the past 11 years, but now I get to do it for myself,” Shane says.

As part of a nation-wide franchise, Shane now joins fellow franchisees throughout Australia, who have discovered the HydroKleen difference. HydroKleen technicians are committed to improving air quality in all Australian homes and businesses.

Through the utilisation of unique materials and processes, our technicians rid your air conditioning unit of all mould, germs, dust and bacteria. Our franchisees goal is to eliminate contamination in an efficient, cost-effective manner. This equates to clean, fresh air and lower electricity bills.

Shane is very excited to share the benefits of clean, healthy shane-reidair with Sydney residents and business. He is amazed to think that before 2009, there was no clear definition of what constitutes an air conditioning service. Not to mention the immense difference a comprehensive HydroKleen service can make to your health, focus and quality of life.

Whilst Shane is anxious to improve the air quality of other Sydney homes and businesses, this drive began close to his own heart. “I have a young family, including an 18 month old daughter. I was horrified when I saw the dirt and grime coming out of an average air conditioner. I would hate to think that her young lungs were breathing in those hidden dangers, which are so difficult to actually see.”

After realising the difference that HydroKleen can make to young families and local businesses, Shane was determined to share it with other Sydneysiders.

Shane couldn’t be happier as a HydroKleen franchisee, because he knows his job makes a real difference to the Sydney community and to his family.