Which Is Better: Window Type Or Split Type Air Conditioner?

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What type of air conditioner should you buy? Will a split type air conditioner keep your electricity bills from blowing up? Will a window type air conditioner suit your room size? These are typical questions that most air conditioner buyers ask when they’re about to make a purchase.

If you want to end up with the air conditioner that best suits your needs and will last you for the long haul, it’s necessary that you arm yourself with the right information. Here are important points that you need to look into:

  1. Space requirement

Split and window types are two differently sized items. In case you don’t know, a split air conditioner is divided into two separate units: the IDU (indoor unit), where you’ll find the evaporative part, and the ODU (outdoor unit) where the compressor and the condenser are. On the other hand, with the window air conditioner, you will find all these components inside the cube-shaped unit.

With the size difference between both types, placement is often a deciding factor for most buyers because split air conditioners take up more space than the window type air conditioner.

  1. Ease of installation

Although you will need a bigger opening if you’re wanting to install a window air conditioner in your home, it’s much easier to install it compared to a split type air conditioner. With a split air conditioner, you might need a professional to drill a 3” hole through your wall to connect the IDU to the ODU.

  1. Noise factor

Do you sleep like a log or does the slightest noise wake you? If you’re a heavy sleeper, you won’t mind the steady humming noise that a window air conditioner makes. However, if that drives you crazy, then you’d be better off with a quiet split air conditioner.

  1. Pricing and power efficiency

Although window air conditioners come cheap compared to split air conditioners, when it comes to power efficiency, split air conditioners win hands down. In other words, even if you shell out a few dollars more for the price of a split air conditioner, that’s 10 to 20% higher than the window type, it can cause you to save money on your power bill in the long run.

  1. Maintenance and servicing

You may need a professional to handle any troubleshooting concern you may encounter with your split air conditioner. On the other hand, the components of your window air conditioner which are compactly designed make it harder to service compared to a split type air conditioner.

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