Why does my air conditioner smell?

why does my air conditioner smell
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When you turn your air conditioner on, does your house smell —much like a pair of used gym socks that got stuck in your air conditioner?

While the description may sound hilarious, it’s a real issue that most people encounter with their air conditioning units. So, what causes my house to smell like dirty socks? Does this pose health risks to me or my family? These are probably questions that you have often wondered about.

There are several factors why your house smells every time your air conditioner kicks on. One possible cause could be dead animals such as rats or lizards that somehow have gotten into your air conditioner.

Another cause may be the dirt and clogs in the air filters, coils, drainage lines, and other parts inside your air conditioner. Dirt and clogs inevitably lead to moisture getting stuck in your air conditioner. This makes your air conditioner a perfect breeding ground for mould and other harmful allergens or toxins to thrive.

When someone in your family has asthma, then a smelly or mouldy air conditioner becomes a serious issue.

Cleaning your air conditioner with a vacuum may only remove some, and not all, of the foul odour. When faced with such an issue, you might be tempted to search for solutions online.

After all, the Internet is a great source of information. You can find a DIY solution which you may think is a great idea. However, DIY exposes you to harmful toxins such as mould and bacteria, and to physical risk as well.

Don’t let that stinking issue create health risks for you and your family. Have your air conditioner regularly cleaned by professionals. These professionals have the right tools and training to professionally clean and remove the cause of the foul smell in your air conditioner.

At HydroKleen, we have a team of specialists who are experts in removing organisms such as bacteria, fungi, mould, and mildew in air conditioners. These are harmful toxins that are responsible for making you and your family sick. Our comprehensive air conditioning cleaning service will make sure that the air you breathe is fresh and clean to reduce the probability of sickness caused by organisms trapped in your air conditioners. Not only will you enjoy good health, you’ll also lengthen the shelf life of your air conditioners.

If you would like to know more about the HydroKleen System, please email our support office on [email protected] or visit our website www.hydrokleen.com.au

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