Why Facebook Likes Don’t Mean Anything To Your Business?

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Do Facebook ‘Likes’ really matter when it comes to boosting your business? You’ll be surprised to know that Facebook likes don’t mean anything to your business and that’s a fact. There’s no denying Facebook has indeed become the most iconic social media platform to date. With over billions of active users, it’s easy to see why entrepreneurs are doing everything they can to get more likes believing that the more likes they acquire, the better it is for their business. While it’s true that Facebook is a great avenue to find potential customers, concentrating on likes does not have anything to do with your business’ performance. Here’s the ultimate reason why likes don’t mean anything.

Users who ‘liked’ your page may not necessarily engage with the content.

It’s pointless to rack up likes on your page and assume that your sales will improve because of it. More often than not, a Facebook user who will like your page does not guarantee that he or she will read or view the content you posted let alone visit and interact with it. As a matter of fact, studies show that only one percent of users who actually liked a Facebook business page will visit it.

So yes, users will like your page but it doesn’t mean they’ll do anything with it. Out of one thousand likes, you’ll be lucky to get at least ten to twelve visits on your page. Therefore, concentrating on likes should not be a priority.

The number of likes in a page is very misleading; in fact, it’s nothing more than a façade. As a business, instead of focusing on the number of people who liked your page, you should be focusing on the number of people who are talking about your page because it means they found value in it.

So what should you do? Instead of exhausting all your marketing efforts in garnering likes, focus your attention on quality customer engagement. Use Facebook as a platform to interact with people and generate conversations with them. Talk to your audience; make them see that your brand is real and relatable. Take advantage of Facebook as a platform that will allow you to interact and engage with your audience.

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