Why You Need to Clean Your Air Conditioner Regularly

why we need to clean air conditioner regularly-HydroKleen Australia
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A clean air conditioning unit provides you and your family with many benefits.  Having cool air is just one benefit – ensuring the air is safe for you and your family is paramount. Regular cleaning and sanitisation of your unit provides you with health and financial benefits, and ensures your unit will last longer.

The  Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

  • Cleaning your air conditioner lowers the power bill. You could lower your monthly energy bill by up to 30% by keeping your air conditioning unit clean. A dirty coil (located inside the unit) means the unit works harder to cool the air because there is much “less clean” surface area for the hot air to pass over. Avoid high power bills by having a thorough and proper HydroKleen annually.
  • Cleaning your air conditioner extends the unit’s life span. If an air conditioner is kept clean and well maintained, the appliance’s life can be extended. Air conditioners are costly, and you don’t want to replace them if you don’t have to. Regular cleaning with a certified HydroKleen Technician will keep your unit running smoothly.
  • Cleaning your air conditioner unit will help you and your family breathe cleaner and safer air in your home. After prolonged use, air conditioning systems become contaminated with fungi, mould, bacteria, pet dander and more.  When you turn on your unit, this is what you are breathing in!  Having your unit properly cleaned with a HydroKleen certified Technician will remove these contaminants in an eco-friendly, non-toxic way.  We’re proud of our association, and exclusive partnership, with National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program

Get Your Air Conditioner Cleaned by a Certified Technician

Get your air conditioner functioning efficiently and effectively and breathing clean air.  Contact your local HydroKleen Certified Air Conditioning Cleaning Technician on 1300 608 318 and experience the difference.  Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

We had our air conditioners cleaned yesterday and cannot believe the difference.  We have always had them done annually by a different local company, but must say they have never been this good…

The reviews don’t lie. John and Brandon were amazing. The customer service is exceptional. Just complete value for money. The air that the AC unit blows smells great and is noticeably much stronger and cooler.

For further information on the HydroKleen Australia Franchise business system or HydroKleen Global licence, please contact [email protected] or call 64-7 5597 7749.

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