Why You Should Care About Microbial Contamination

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The HydroKleen team often speak of microbial (or microbiological) contamination, specifically in relation to dirty air conditioning systems that are in desperate need of cleaning. This contamination refers to the growth of harmful microorganisms, which can be found on various components of the internal workings of an air conditioner, particularly a dirty one. This potential hazard is a problem for several reasons:

The Potential Hazard of Microbial Contamination in Your AC

  1. Visible growth of mould and mildew are a giveaway for microbial contamination. Mould and mildew are potential allergens and are difficult to remove and are a sure sign that your air conditioner is overdue for cleaning and sanitisation. This microbial contamination is a problem for those with asthma and other respiratory illnesses, the elderly and children.
  1. Microbial contamination often gives off a stale, damp smell, which is as unpleasant as it is unhealthy. This smell comes from the growth of mould and mildew spores. The only way to effectively remove the smell and prevent it from returning, is with regular cleaning.
  1. Every time you turn on your dirty air conditioner, the microbial contamination spreads through the air, becoming an airborne contaminant. Spread through the home or workplace, this contamination can lead to cold and allergy-type symptoms, such as runny noses and itchy eyes.
  1. Along with the health issues that can be caused, microbial contamination also leads to an air conditioner that’s less efficient, due to the build up of dirt, mould, mildew and other bacteria on the fan and coils. Did you know a HydroKleen can save you up to 30% on power usage for that unit?

How to Avoid Microbial Contamination of Your AC?

The best way to avoid microbial contamination of your air conditioner is with a HydroKleen clean and sanitise. At HydroKleen, our cleaning agents and cleaning process have been exclusively approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program. Plus, we have a service guarantee, which we know you’ll love, so get in touch with our friendly HydroKleen team today to book your next clean on 1300 608 318!

For further information on the HydroKleen Australia Franchise business system or HydroKleen Global licence, please contact [email protected] or call 64-7 5597 7749.

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