Addressing Indoor Air Quality To Breathe Healthy Air

Addressing Indoor Air Quality to Breathe Healthy Air
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When it comes to air pollution, most people envision smog or smoky green clouds, but in reality, it’s what we can’t see in the air that might be most harmful to our health. The air quality in  every home has become an essential issue to homeowners and health professionals alike.

The Indoor Air Quality can be affected by factors such as microbial contaminants, particulates, energy stressors, or gases that can induce adverse health conditions. It is estimated that people spend about seventy to ninety percent of their time indoors, and more than half of that time is spent within their own home, which is why it is crucial to be fully aware of the quality of your home’s air.

Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

#1 Minimize the chemical pollutants

  • Stop smoking tobacco inside the house. Tobacco smoke has thousands of air pollutants in high concentrations.
  • Many household products such as cleaners, aerosol cans, and pesticides contain and release organic vapors, which have been known to cause adverse health effects.
  • Combustible products also play a significant role in IAQ, as tobacco smoke or household appliances such as furnaces, heaters, candles, and gas or wood stoves can all directly affect the overall quality of your home’s air.
  • Perform certain activities outside your home like cutting plywood, painting, sanding, rock polishing, and soldering outside the house. These activities create high pollution levels, so doing them outside the house is the best way out.

#2 Improve ventilation

If you let outdoor air come inside the house, you will control pollution to some extent. Air conditioning systems are not designed to bring fresh air inside. So, you have to open the doors and windows when the weather is conducive. Sometimes, there is a tendency to focus only on preventing dust from entering our homes, but ventilation is sacrificed. Do watch out for this major mistake and enable good ventilation in your home.

#3 Regular Air Conditioner Cleaning 

One of the most effective ways to fix your home’s indoor air quality is by regular cleaning of your air conditioner. Cleaning your air filters is just basic maintenance. When it comes to the unit’s internal components, such as the Coil, Barrel Fan, and Drain, emply a trained and certified technician who uses equipment specifically designed to clean AC units which can also help avoid a complete breakdown in the future.

Always choose a HydroKleen ACWWA Certified Wet Wash Technician. The equipment a HydroKleen Technician uses fit for purpose and the cleaning agents are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, bringing your AC unit back to ‘As New’ hygienic condition. The clean is also backed by HydroKleen’s industry-leading 9-Point Guarantee.

To book a clean of your air conditioning systems, book a professionally trained HydroKleen Technician now! 1300 608 318

If you would like to know more about the HydroKleen Franchise or Licence Business System, please email HydroKleen at [email protected] or visit our website

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